ZUHNE Prato Single Bowl Farm House Kitchen Sink Review

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 11/25/2020

Zuhne Prato Farmhouse Sink

Zuhne Prato

  • Basin Length: 30 inches
  • Basin Width: 16 inches
  • Depth: 10 inches
  • Drain Size: 3.5 inches

Product Overview

This is the ideal sink for people who want the contemporary elegance of an undermounted sink while still keeping the functionality of stainless steel and the beautiful design of a farmhouse sink. The ZUHNE Prato 33 inch Single Bowl Farm House 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is the perfect balance of form and function.

It has a gently curved apron that hangs over the edge of the cabinet that the sink is mounted into. Since it’s made of stainless steel, the sink itself is easy to clean and very durable. You won’t need to worry about scratching or denting this model. It even has the channel groves to ensure that every drop will drain in a flash.

How the Apron Makes a Difference

If you’ve never had a sink with an apron, it is easy to view them as just another decoration when comparing different types of kitchen sinks, but apron sinks actually have quite a few benefits. They can make your life easier and your work at the kitchen sink a lot more comfortable. There are a few details about farmhouse style apron sinks that people commonly overlook.

  • Reduce your bending – An apron sink is designed to eliminate the strip of counter that would otherwise sit between you and your sink. This drops the distance that you have to reach forward, which prevents you from having to bend forward. A farmhouse sink with an apron will let you just reach down into the sink.
  • Protect your cabinets – By creating an apron that gently curves out and over the cabinet beneath it, any spill, splashes, or drips go straight from the apron of the sink to the floor without running down the cabinet or its doors. This simple feature reduces stains, and grime on your cabinets. This is especially helpful if you’ve picked out gorgeous cabinets will elegant details. Wiping up the floor is much easier than trying to wipe down the cracks and crevices of nice cabinets.
  • Easy access to the sink – Since the apron of the sink eliminates the need for that extra strip of countertop in front of the sink, it means that the front edge of the sink commonly sits about an inch lower than the surrounding counters. While this may not sound like much, when you’re trying to squeeze a tall, full, heavy pot into the sink, that extra inch that you don’t have to lift it can make an amazing difference.

As you can see, choosing a sink with an apron won’t just make a fashion statement. The farmhouse style of sink offers numerous functional benefits, too. You’re back will thank you, and you’ll be glad that clean-up is easier.

Why Choose ZHUNE

ZHUNE may be a new name to you, but they know what they’re doing with stainless steel sink construction. They use 25% more steel than many sinks that are the same size. This is because they keep their steel thicker which does a few things.

By making the steel for this sink thicker, ZHUNE decreases any sound created by pots and pans hitting the metal sink, but more importantly, it makes the sink stronger. This thicker steel is less likely to bend and warm or dent under pressure.

ZHUNE also adds insulation to the bottom and side of the sink to further reduce the noise that it will make. Added insulation is also an important protection against moisture build-up. Whenever you pour very hot or very cold water into a stainless steel sink, the metal will transfer the temperature to the air beneath the sink. This can cause condensation to form in your wooden cabinet.

That condensed moisture can lead to swelling, water damage, and potential mold and mildew growth in the wood of your cabinet. Luckily ZHUNE has your back and uses enough insulation to ensure that this won’t be a concern for you.


  • Sink apron pulls drips out and away from cabinets
  • Farmhouse style sink limits the amount of bending over and reduces your lifting to get things into the sink
  • Stainless steel is a durable and beautiful choice
  • This sink is well insulated to prevent noise and reduce condensation


● You’ll want to pair this sink with a solid construction counter, not laminate.


When you think of a farmhouse, you picture someone spending long hours at the kitchen sink. Farmhouse style sinks have been designed to accommodate that. They are built for comfort and function while creating a unique and beautiful look. Today, sinks like the ZHUNE Prato 33 inch Single Bowl Farm House Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink works well with any décor. You'll be glad to have the convenience and comfort of this gorgeous sink in your kitchen.

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