Waterstone 5600-SN Annapolis Kitchen Faucet Review

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/31/2020

Product Overview

There is no better fixture for your kitchen sink than one made by Waterstone. This company has been manufacturing their water filtration parts and faucets along with their kitchen faucets right here in the United States for 20 years. They only use the best quality and their designs have a unique style. The Waterstone 5600-SN Annapolis Kitchen Faucet Single Handle with Pull Out Spray in Satin Nickel continues this tradition by offering a curvy, old-world design that will make a great statement in your kitchen.

When they designed this faucet, Waterstone put enough attention to the details to ensure that every curve, corner, edge, and the handle has consistent beauty. When you cover it with the satin nickel finish, the end result is a truly high-end look that will elevate the décor of your entire kitchen. They designed this faucet to complement traditional, vintage, and antique kitchens where signature style is more important that clean lines or tight corners.

Waterstone 5600-SN Annapolis Kitchen Faucet Single Handle with Pull Out Spray

Waterstone 5600-SN Annapolis

  • Traditional C-Spout Design
  • Unique PLP Positive Lock
  • Solid Brass or Stainless Steel Construction
  • 10 pounds weight

There is nothing cold about this faucet. Its classic C-spout will welcome you into the culinary world the same way an old Italian grandmother will ply you with food while doting over your every desire. With the Annapolis 5600, your kitchen will beg for use, while making cooking and cleaning easy.

The Benefits of a Nickel Finish

Nickel and Chrome finishes can often end up looking very similar, but there are a few significant details that will change your overall experience. While both finishes are often described as silver, chrome has a blueish tint that will give it a cool, contemporary, modern look. It’s great for modern or contemporary kitchens that strive to look clean and sharp.

Nickel, on the other hand, has a slight yellow tint. Since this is a warmer hue, a nickel finish tends to come across as more welcoming, inviting, and friendly than chrome. When paired with the style of the Annapolis model of Waterstone kitchen faucet, the nickel finish makes more sense. Its welcoming color pairs well with the lovely curves and elegant details of this kitchen sink faucet.

While both chrome and the Satin Nickel finish found on this faucet are shiny, the chrome finish is more likely to pick up fingerprints or show water spots. The nickel finish will show some of this, but they will be less obvious. Overall, nickel is the finish of choice for this faucet design.

Keeping Every Finish Clean

Whichever finish you end up selecting for your kitchen faucet, you’ll want to be familiar with the cleaning, maintenance, and care required to keep it looking its best. When a Waterstone kitchen faucet is compared to any other designer, you’ll find that Waterstone gives you the best flexibility in choosing your finish. Ultimately, Waterstone offers about 30 different finishes, so it’s worthwhile to take your time when considering which one is right for you.

Protective Coating?

Some of Waterstone’s finishes include a protective coating that will make them more durable. It’s not foolproof, though. If the clear coating is damaged by scratching or scraping, the metal beneath it will be exposed. This exposure to the air will cause oxidation which will result in a change in the appearance of the metal.

To avoid this, nothing with a protective coat should be cleaned with a cleaner or pad that is abrasive. You will also need to avoid acid-based cleaners along with those that have bleach or certain soaps or hand lotions. Waterstone recommends drying these fixtures with a soft cloth after each use. They also recommend using a glass cleaner and a soft cloth when it's time to scrub.

Nickel and Chrome

Since these two metals are so similar, their maintenance and cleaning are also similar. They are durable enough for there to be little work for you to do, though Waterstone does recommend avoiding abrasive cleaners. They also encourage users to dry fixtures like this kitchen sink faucet after each use. Allowing water drops to dry on the faucet can cause watermarks and stains.

It’s Alive!

Many bronze and brass finishes, along with all gold finishes, are considered “living finishes” because of their shallow patina. This means that they have a surface covering that is thin and intended to change over time. Since the changes are intentional, they are considered apart of the beauty of the finish. The consistent change is what gives them the term "living."

For the most part, the parts of the fixture that are rarely touched will darken while the commonly handled parts will develop a uniquely colorful shine. The surfaces are easily scuffed and scratched and should only be cleaned using a non-abrasive cloth with a wax-based cleaner.


  • Durable Finish
  • Beautiful Design
  • High Quality
  • Made in the USA


  • Best suited to match a classic or traditional kitchen style


This faucet is designed to be used. It’s got Waterstone’s unique PLP system to allow you to pull down the sprayer to the hose length that you desire without the handle snapping back up into the spout. The fit between the spout and sprayer will ensure that it connects securely when the handheld is returned to its base. The Satin Nickel finish on the Waterstone 5600-SN Annapolis Kitchen Faucet Single Handle with Pull Out Spray gives it a durability that will make keeping it clean and nice very easy.

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