Waterstone 3825-SC Fulton Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/31/2020

Product Overview

If you want a very simple looking faucet that would compliment an industrial-inspired kitchen décor, the Waterstone 3825-SC Fulton Single Handle Kitchen Faucet in Satin Chrome may be the best choice for you. It has a classic C-spout without any curves or details added. In fact, the lack of details becomes its defining characteristic.

The base of the spout is a solid cylinder with a sharp top corner. The spout is a smaller cylinder that juts straight up and out of the base cylinder. These sharp edges combine with the absence of curves where the water streams out to give the entire faucet a crisp and clean look.

Even the handle of this model is a straight cylinder design. It is a single handle that is attached directly to the spout which allows for easy operation. You can adjust the flow of the water by simply pulling the handle down and away from the spout and adjusting the water temperature only requires twisting the handle left or right. This faucet is the perfect choice for modern kitchens that have an industrial style.

Waterstone 3825-SC Fulton Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Waterstone 3825-SC Fulton

  • 360 degree swivel spout
  • Metal Lever Handle
  • 2.2 Gallons Per Minute
  • 10 pounds weight

The Benefits of a Chrome Finish

Waterstone offers approximately thirty finishes for their faucets. This can easily be overwhelming when you have to choose the one that will best suite your kitchen style for years to come. You’ll want to consider your design along with the maintenance and cleaning requirements of the finish. While the choices can seem endless, really Waterstone is one of the few brands that offer enough variety for you to select exactly the right faucet suite for your kitchen.

When you choose a sink faucet from Waterstone, you’ll know that it’s been intentionally designed to complement your design style. Even better, since Waterstone organizes their fixtures into suites, you’ll be able to make the style and finish choice just once and then get all of your fixtures from the same suite. This guarantees that they will complement each other, and their finishes will match perfectly.

While Stainless Steel is the most common finish for kitchen sinks and faucets, that commonality gives it an ordinary stigma that can prevent it from adding to your unique kitchen style. Waterstone offers chrome as the natural alternative. It will give your kitchen fixtures a unique look and appeal while letting you keep all of the benefits that come with stainless steel.

Chrome is incredibly durable. While it will occasionally show fingerprints and smudges, they are easily cleaned using a standard kitchen cleaner. This finish will allow you to use your kitchen faucet for all of your culinary endeavors without worrying about drying it after every use or stressing over scratches or scuffs. Chrome allows you to keep the durability that has made stainless steel so popular while giving you a higher quality and more unique look.

Water Filtration Systems

There are many reasons for people to add a water filtration system underneath the kitchen sink. Waterstone is more aware of this than most companies since that is how the company began. When they were founded in 1999, they made parts for water filtration systems. As they become known for their quality, they began making the entire filtration system and eventually added kitchen sink faucets to their product list, as well.

Today they honor their roots by keeping models like this Fulton faucet ready to connect to reverse osmosis water filtration systems. It will allow you to easily install both the fixture and the filtration unit with having to buy extra parts or rig your own plumbing connections. The intended connections also reduce your risk of leaks and will allow your filter to work more efficiently.

Reverse Osmosis

If you want great drinking water that you know is clean, safe, and will taste great, a reverse osmosis system is one of the best methods for home use. Reverse osmosis systems can easily fit under your kitchen sink and will use a semi-permeable membrane to trap contaminants while letting only the clean water move across the membrane. One of the biggest benefits of a reverse osmosis system is the range of benefits it offers with just one filter.

Reverse osmosis filters will remove contaminants like lead to ensure your family doesn’t have to stress over the quality of water coming from your city or municipality. It will also remove contaminants that could potentially make your family member sick. These contaminants can include bacteria, sulfates, pesticides, and other chemicals.

A filtration system like this will improve the taste of your water, too. Since it also removes chlorine, your water won’t have that chemical flavor ever again. Waterstone makes it easy to eliminate bulky filters from your refrigerator and avoid hideous faucet attachments. Their faucets are designed to easily connect to an under sink reverse osmosis filtration system.


  • Water-efficient
  • Sleek design
  • RO system compatible
  • High quality


  • This faucet would not fit with a traditional or classic kitchen design.


Everyone wants to keep their family healthy and happy. Ensuring that the water coming from your faucet is free from impurities is an easy way to work toward this. The Waterstone 3825-SC Fulton Single Handle Kitchen Faucet in Satin Chrome makes connecting to a filter quickly and easily. Its clean lines and sharp corners will enhance an industrial kitchen design, and the satin chrome finish will give your kitchen a unique look without sacrificing durability.

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