Waterdrop 320-Gallon Ultra-Filtration Water Faucet Filtration System Review

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/29/2020

Product Overview

The Waterdrop 320-Gallon Ultra Filtration Long-Lasting Water Faucet Filtration System uses activated carbon fiber to purify the drinking water from your kitchen tap. It’s suitable for most faucets. It enhances tap water, making it much safer and cleaner. The taste of the water will drastically improve as well, encouraging you and your family to consume more water.

When it comes to providing your family with clean water, using an efficient water filtration system is more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable than using store-bought water. A high-quality faucet water filter is a super convenient way to always have access to clean water. The ultrafiltration system is the first to use the UF membrane to remove contaminants.

If you’re wondering “what is the best water filter”, this is one of the best. It is more powerful than most other water filtration systems on the market as it employs technology that other filters do not. The carbon filtration system is 10x more absorbent than other carbon and removes 99% of chlorine from the water, which is the main source of the sour, metal taste that some tap water has.

You will be shocked at the percentages of contaminants that are allowed to be in our drinking water. To protect your family from the dangers of waterborne chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and sentiment, you should choose a high-quality water filter that is certified to remove dangerous contaminants.

Waterdrop WD-FC-02 320-Gallon Ultra Filtration Long-Lasting Water Faucet Filtration System

Waterdrop 320-Gallon Filtration System

  • 320 gallons of refreshing water
  • 0.5 GPM steady flow
  • Ranges from 0.01 micron to 0.1 micron
  • 1.12 pounds weight

Sustainable Solution For Clean Water

Here are some shocking facts about water bottle usage:

  • 80% of water bottles end up in landfills.
  • It takes 700 years for a water bottle to naturally dissolve.
  • 90% of the cost of a water bottle is in the plastic bottle itself.

By switching from water bottles to a faucet filter system, you save easily up to $1000 a year. It is a far more cost-effective solution to providing consistently clean and pure drinking water to your household. Additionally, switching to a water filter system will drastically reduce your environmental footprint in the long run. Using a water filter instead of buying water bottles is a smart consumer decision that you can feel good about.

Importance of Clean Water

Having clean water is something that we take for granted too often, but is your water really clean? Cities allow for a certain percentage of contaminants to be allowed in drinking water. Using a high-quality filter is the only way to ensure that your tap water is not being polluted with dangerous chemicals with the potential for long-term health issues.

● Contaminants in drinking water are a leading cause of cancer.
● Lead in tap water can have serious long-term health effects.
● Impure water can affect the growth of children.
● Clean water makes skin look better.
● Chlorine in the water can cause cancer.

Best Product Features

Powerful Purification

What is the best water filter? Based purely on filtration power, this one is certainly one of the best. It uses 10x more powerful carbon to purify the water, removing 99% of cancer-causing and sour-tasting chlorine deposits. It is also the first filter system to utilize a UF membrane to remove sentiments from the water. It is a compact size but does not cut corners on performance. It works well in both areas of health and taste. The water produced by this filter is crisp, clear, and your whole family will notice the improved taste.

Long-Lasting Filters

Water filter systems use replaceable filters to keep the water consistently pure even with extended use over long periods. Most filters only produce water at a rate of 100 gallons per filter, but with the incredible Waterdrop long-lasting filters, you will have to replace the filter after 320 gallons of water. This is an incredible amount of time to get excellent performance out of a single filter. The filter is also extremely powerful at removing sentiments and contaminates.

Beautiful Appearance

The sleek white and chrome body of the filter is very modern and flattering for a modern kitchen. Unlike other filters that are bulky and unsightly, the Waterdrop 320-Gallon Ultra Filtration Long-Lasting Water Faucet Filtration System doesn’t distract from your kitchen decor but instead enhances it. When paired with other high-gloss chrome appliances it will create a sense of unity in the space.

Worst Product Features

Reduces Water Flow

Because the water is going through an additional purification process after leaving the faucet, it does reduce the rate of the water flow. This makes the filtered water ideal for drinking, but less effective for tough cleaning tasks like dirty dishes.


The Waterdrop 320-Gallon Ultra Filtration Long-Lasting Water Faucet Filtration System is one of the best filter systems on the market. The carbon filters are 10x more powerful than other carbon and last twice as long. You only need to replace the filters every three months and it will save you tons of money in the long-run compared to other clean water solutions. This filter removes 99% of cancer-causing contaminants from the water such as lead, mercury, and chlorine.

It comes with everything you need to easily integrate the filter with your existing kitchen plumbing. Its space-saving design uses way less space than other filters, all while maintaining a sleek, beautiful appearance. A convenient easy-to-press button stops and starts the flow of drinking water. It flows at a rate of 0.5 gallons per minute, filling about 10 cups of water in one minute.

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