Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal Review

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/23/2020

Product Overview

When you choose the Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord and ½ HP, you’ll know that it will be durable and reliable. The Waste King brand has developed a reputation for great quality garbage disposals. With this model, you’ll get everything you need in a disposal that you can count on.

It has a high-speed motor and is easy to install. Waste King even offers a limited warranty that lasts for five years, so that you can enjoy it without worry. All of the parts that are found within the grinding chamber are made of corrosion-proof material, so they will last for as long as the motor does.

Waste King makes this model easy for anyone to install by including an EZ Mount assembly and power cord that just needs to be plugged into a wall outlet. Installing this unit just requires a quick twist-and-lock with the EZ Mount system. The garbage disposal has a removable splashguard that will make cleaning out the disposal a breeze.

Waste King L-2600

Waste King L-2600 - 1/2 HP

  • Removable Splash guard for Easy Cleaning
  • All Stainless Steel Grind Components
  • Easy Plug-in Installation
  • Compact and Powerful
  • Safe to Use with Septic Tanks

How Does This Garbage Disposal Work?

The Waste King brand is a master at manufacturing a range of high-quality kitchen sink disposers. While each one has unique features, they all work the same basic way.

You begin by using a swift stream of water to wash food waste down the drain. From there the food waste and the water flow through flanges that connect the garbage disposal to the sink drain. The mixture lands in a chamber called the hopper.

At the bottom of the hopper is a disc called the flywheel. This is usually metal and has small holes cut into it that are designed to break up large food chunks. Attached to the top of the flywheel are two small arms called impellers. These help move the food around to ensure that it all gets moved down through the flywheel.

Along the edge of the hopper, a shredder ring will spin to help grind up the food. When the shredder, impeller, and flywheel work together, the garbage disposal shreds all sorts of food waste into very small particles. This whole area is referred to as the grind chamber and has a drain at the bottom to flush out the shredded food particle and water mixture.

Use Water

It’s very important to keep the water running when you turn on the garbage disposal so that the water can help push the food around and through the grind chamber to ensure that the garbage disposal will do its job. Without a steady flow of water, the food waste will just be shifted around inside the chamber. The motor can also overheat since it’s located just below the grind chamber.

Best Features

The Waste King L-2600 includes some small details that make a big difference. It has a splash guard that is both removable and replaceable. You can easily move it out of the way when you need to get into the disposal to clean it out, and you can replace it when necessary. This will make it easy to keep your garbage disposal running for a long time.

If your disposal ever does act up, it includes a reset button. While this may seem like something extra, it’s actually a great feature for your safety. If the disposal ever jams or begins to overload or overheat, this switch will flip and immediately cut power to the garbage disposal. This will prevent any further damage to the disposal or anything that may have gotten dropped into it.

All of the important parts used in this Waste King disposal are made of stainless steel. This means that they won’t rust or corrode. They’ll keep grinding through all of your kitchen clean up. Add in the EZ Mount installation system, and you have a great garbage disposal.


  • Power – with ½ HP, this garbage disposal has the perfect amount of power for most homes. The motor spins at 2600 revolutions per minute.
  • Quality – the stainless steel parts and durable construction make the Waste King 2600 a high-quality garbage disposal for under your kitchen sink.
  • Easy Installation – with the EZ Mount system, this model of a garbage disposal can easily be twisted and locked into place.
  • Size – at less than 7 inches wide and less than 14 inches tall, this is one of the smaller garbage disposals you’ll find. It will leave plenty of storage space available under your kitchen sink.
  • Easy Clean – the removable and replaceable splash guard makes cleaning it out easy to do.


  • Noise – while this unit has many great features, it doesn’t come with sound insulation. It’s not too loud, but it won’t be the quietest model.
  • Power cord – if your home is already set up with a cord that is hardwired for your dishwasher, you will have to remove this cord to connect it.


Having a good quality garbage disposal under your kitchen sink will make cleaning up after dinner a faster and easier chore. You’ll be able to scrape dishes right into the sink with confidence that the Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord and ½ HP will grind them up and wash them away. It’s the perfect garbage disposal for most normal home use. It’s easy to install, includes all of the safety features that you’ll want, and will always get the job done.

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