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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/29/2020

Product Overview

The Pacific Bay Montesano High-Arc Kitchen Faucet is a high quality kitchen faucet made out of polished stainless steel. It has a high-arc that makes it super easy to clean large dishes. The design is unique and gives a retro feel. The spring action wand head is incredible for reaching all of those hard to clean spots. It’s very easy to use so it’s great for kids, the elderly, and the disabled. Most people can agree that doing the dishes is a chore they would rather forget, but with a high-quality Pacific Bay faucet the process just became so much easier.

Installation is super easy and can be integrated with your existing kitchen plumbing. No messy remodeling or expensive professional help is required. Even the most beginner DIY home improvers will find the installation process handleable. It is best suited for a one-hole or three-hole set up.

Pacific Bay Montesano High-Arc Kitchen Sink Faucet

Pacific Bay Montesano 

  • Flowrate: 2.00 gpm
  • Water Connection Size: 3/8 inch
  • Total Faucet Height: 20.22 inches
  • Spout Clearance: ~5 inches

Why Pacific Bay?

Pacific Bay is a trusted manufacturer of kitchen faucets that only uses high-quality materials. They care about their customers and guarantee excellent performance on all of their kitchen faucets for life. The stainless steel finish used will not tarnish overtime (as would an oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet with a similar retro look). The materials used are heavy-duty, durable, and long-lasting. The engineers created this faucet with both beauty and functionality in mind.

Best Product Features

  • Made of Quality Materials

Every component of this set is made out of only high quality materials and built to last. Stainless steel is the top pick for sinks and faucets in the food and health industries because it is resistant to germs and surface blemishes. The lifetime guarantee ensures that the parts have no defects and will perform correctly for a lifetime.

The braided stainless steel spout is extremely strong as well as flexible. It is protected against corrosion and rust. Additionally it’s very easy to clean. No expensive chemicals or soaking is required to maintain the appearance.

  • Powerful Cleaning

The multiple settings on the faucet allow you to rinse and spray at your convenience. The spray setting is powerful enough to cut through many tough spots. Using the pause feature instead of turning the nozzle off and on will help you to maintain the desired temperature and flow of the water. Because of this you’re more likely to cut the water off when you’re not using it, saving you money. Wasting water is terrible for the environment and for your water bill, so choose a sustainable model of faucet that saves as much water as possible.

  • Simple Installation

All of the mounting components are also included in the kit. It is super easy to install for even the most beginners. The instructions are included and super easy to follow and there are additional resources available online to help out. It is suitable for both one-hole and three-hole kitchen setups and fully integratable with your existing kitchen plumbing

Worst Product Features

  • Not Hands-Free

There are lots of hands-free and single touch faucets out there. The benefit of hands off models is that it prevents the spread of germs and can also prevent the flow from accidentally being left on. People who can not easily turn the handles on the sink should look into the benefits of choosing a hands-free model.

  • No Dual Function

Because the rinse and spray functions are integrated into the same nozzle, there is not a way to use both at the same time. This does save space on your counter and has a cleaner appearance which is why so many people love it.


The Pacific Bay Montesano High-Arc Kitchen Faucet has a unique look, and a high performance nozzle that is great for cleaning both large and small dishes. It is made out of beautiful high polish stainless steel that is both easy to clean and will not easily damage or tarnish overtime.

With the pause feature you can easily stop the flow of water without having to touch the handle. This way you can maintain the flow and temperature you desire. The installation process for this kit is super simple and doesn’t require a plumber. It takes less than an hour to get completely set up and the faucet performs with excellence for a lifetime. This is a high-quality faucet that is meant to last.

It is made out of chrome and stainless steel which is very shiny and beautiful. It has a retro look that adds a touch of style to the kitchen. When paired with other high-gloss metals it creates a sense of unity in the space. Engineered for both beauty and performance, this is a fantastic model for the modern home. It makes a great gift for everyone in your family as well, as everyone will love the added convenience and power of a high-quality new kitchen faucet.

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