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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/31/2020

Product Overview

The Moen T6125BN-9000 Kingsley Two-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet with Valve is made for installation in an elegant 8 inch or 16-inch bathroom sink configuration. It has a brushed nickel finish which has a warm, coppery undertone beneath the matte gray. It has a slightly vintage look to it and pairs well with other matte metallics and stark white ceramics. The spout of the faucet is a high arc which allows more clearance for cleaning.

This popular bathroom faucet has two simple levers that are used to adjust the flow and temperature. This bathroom faucet set is certified up to standard by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is very efficient in water and will not leak over time. The installation process is super simple and relies on integration with your existing three-hole plumbing set-up. No plumber or remodeling is required to install this sink, most people can put it together in only thirty minutes.

It’s covered by Moen’s lifetime guarantee for an excellent performance. This lifetime warranty from the manufacturer not only covers factory recalls, defects, finish defects, and shipping damages but also guarantees leak-free performance for the lifetime of the faucet. You should contact customer service to find out more information about the warranty options when you’re purchasing your bathroom faucet.

Moen T6125-9000 Kingsley Two-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet

Moen T6125BN-9000 Kingsley

  • Two-handle lever design 
  • 5.13 Inches spout reach
  • Includes 9000 valve
  • 7.7 pounds weight


Brushed Nickel Finish

Brushed nickel has a traditional, antique flair to it that adds a touch of elegance to the bathroom. It looks great against the white of the sink and is warmer than stainless steel or chrome. It comes with a matching drain. When paired with other brushed nickel appliances and accessories it creates a sense of unity within the space. When paired with antique decor it has an “old world” charm to it.

High-Quality Construction

Moen is a trusted manufacturer of appliances for bathrooms and faucets with a reputation for quality that is backed up with their lifetime performance guarantee. The faucet is engineered for both efficiency and beauty.

None of the parts will easily corrode, spot, rust, or damage over time even with daily use. The only maintenance required is regularly wiping it down with a clean cloth to prevent mineral build-up on the surface. The parts have been tested and certified safe and durable.

Easy To Install

This is a faucet that is perfect for home improvers even with minimal experience because it requires no messy remodeling or professional plumbing. It takes less than an hour and only a few simple tools.

Everything needed is included in the box, such as a drain and the required plumbing. You will love how easy it is to install and once it is, you can enjoy the benefits for a lifetime under the extended warranty. It is suitable for three-hole, eight-inch or sixteen-inch sink configurations.

ADA and WaterSense Approved

Wasting water is bad for the environment and your utility bills. The WaterSense committee works with the EDA to encourage water efficiency and sustainable consumerism to companies and individuals.

The WaterSense has evaluated this sink faucet and certified that it is at least 30% more water-efficient than a traditional bathroom faucet. Saving water is important in reducing your environmental footprint and saving money. This bathroom faucet is also compliant with the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

High Arc Faucet

The high arc of the faucet is beautiful and elegant. Not only that, but it offers more room for cleaning than other kinds of bathroom faucets. It is both beautiful and functional. The high arc in brushed nickel is an elegant, vintage combination that looks great with a variety of bathroom decor.


Not Hands-Free

The two handles on this faucet are easy to use, but those with extremely limited mobility should consider a hands free or single touch faucet. New high tech faucets use motion-detecting sensors to start and stop the flow of water without the use of handles. This is great for the elderly, children, and the disabled.


The Moen T6125BN-9000 Kingsley Two-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet is an elegant choice for a modern home for those who love tradition and classic elegant style. The color and shape of this faucet give a flair of antique or vintage style to any bathroom space. It pairs great with other brushed nickel or matte metallic appliances/accessories and contrasts beautifully against the white of the sink. Included in the kit is everything you need including a matching metal pop-up drain and the necessary plumbing for integrating the faucet into your sink.

The entire package is covered by Moen’s lifetime guarantee. This lifetime warranty covers all parts defects, finish defects, and guarantees leak-free performance for a lifetime. This is a bathroom faucet built for beauty and durability that will stand the tests of time. With frequent use, this faucet set will maintain its beauty and functionality. The only maintenance required is to be wiped down regularly with a cloth. The surface does not easily spot or rust. It is a beautiful and elegant addition to any bathroom space.

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