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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/23/2020

Product Overview

When Moen made this garbage disposal, they worked to incorporate all of the options that you may need while giving you the flexibility to ensure that it will work for you. The Moen GXS75C GX Series ¾ Horsepower Garbage Disposal includes a motor that is powered by a permanent magnet that runs a vortex motor so that it can grind all of your food and scraps. Since it’s got Moen’s warranty, you won’t need to worry about quality, either.

This garbage disposal includes noise-reducing technology along with easy-to-install mounting hardware that is compatible with pretty much any 3-bolt assemblies. Moen has designed the power cord to be removable so that you can choose to plug it in or hardwire it. The ¾ HP motor is likely more power than you will need, but not enough to excessive.

With the Moen GXS75C, ¾ horsepower garbage disposal will help you easily clean up and dispose of many food scraps. The motor will spin at up to 2700 RPM to quickly grind up whatever you dispose of, and it won’t take up too much space beneath your sink. Even better, it keeps quiet, so you won’t have to shout.

Moen GXS75C GX Series

Moen GXS75C GX - 3/4 HP

  • Perfect for those who frequently host dinner parties
  • Vortex Motor Technology
  • Premium Jam Reduction
  • Well-Known Brand
  • Galvanized Steel Grind Components

Batch Feed vs. Continuous Feed

When you look at garbage disposal comparisons, you may find a wide range of garbage disposals that are labeled as a continuous feed, but what does that mean? You may even wonder what the other options may be. For the most part, garbage disposals fall into two categories, and continuous feed disposals are the most common kind of home kitchen garbage disposals.

Continuous Feed

A continuous feed garbage disposal is connected to a switch on the wall near the sink. There is no cover for the garbage disposal, so you can add food scraps to it while it is running. Of course, this also means that you can add your fingers to it while it's running, so you need to take safety precautions when operating a continuous feed garbage disposal. It will also use more electricity since it can keep running while you dispose of your food waste.

Moen understands the advantages of the continuous feed, though. They designed the GXS75C using this style of operation so that you can use your sink’s sprayer to wash scraps from around your sink down your drain while the disposal is grinding away. You won’t need to mash everything down the drain at once with this unit.

When you have your food scraps in the sink, you simply turn on your cold water and let it run while you flip the switch to turn on the garbage disposal. Use your kitchen sink sprayer to swoosh away all of the food, but don’t stick your finger down the drain. The Moen disposal will be busy grinding up all of your scraps so that the river of water can wash them down the drain to your water treatment plant.

Once all of your scraps are gone, you can turn off the disposal. Let the cold water run for an extra 15 seconds or so, and then shut that off as well. While you will use electricity the entire time that it is running, Moen keeps their disposal very efficient. You’re unlikely to notice a difference in your electric bill.

Batch Feed

A batch feed garbage disposal grinds food in much the same way as continuous feed disposal. The biggest difference is in the way that the disposal is turned on or off. Instead of having a switch mounted on the wall, a batch feed disposal has a cover that will go over the drain and turn on the disposal. With this style, you push all your scraps down the drain first. You will then need to run some cold water before putting in the cover. In most models, a simple twist of the cover will turn the motor on to grind up your food waste.

Moen’s Engineering Marvel

This garbage disposal really displays Moen’s excellent engineering design. They use a Universal Xpress Mount that will allow you to easily exchange this model of garbage disposal for any other Moen design, but it’s not exclusive to Moen. They make sure that it’s easy for you to replace almost any garbage disposal with a Moen model. Their assembly works with any three-bolt mount.

Moen also uses a vortex motor with its ¾ HP motor that’s powered by a permanent magnet. It will give you powerful and quick grinding to shred all the scraps from your kitchen. When you combine this with the Soundshield that will keep the noise to a minimum, you end up with a garbage disposal that you’ll love.


  • Includes Power Cord
  • Vortex Motor
  • Universal Mount for quick installation
  • Quiet Operation
  • Continuous Feed
  • ¾ Horsepower
  • Easy Dishwasher Connection
  • Limited Warranty for 5 years


  • Size – While this unit is only 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches around the sides, it’s 13.5 inches long, so you’ll need to have space available under your kitchen sink.


If you want a garbage disposal that gives you the flexibility to use the cord that comes with the disposal or hardwire it into your home’s electricity, consider this Moen model. With the Moen GXS75C GX Series ¾ Horsepower Garbage Disposal you’ll get a powerful and dependable disposal that will meet all of the needs of your family.

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