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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/31/2020

Product Overview

The Moen 7430 Chateau One-Handle Low-Arc Kitchen Faucet is a traditionally styled faucet that has a single handle for temperature control and a separate sprayer for added cleaning power. It is designed to be installed into a two-hole or four-hole configured sink as it needs connections for both the sprayer and the main faucet.

The benefit of having the sprayer as a separate part of the faucet is that you can run both a steady flow of water from the faucet and a high-powered cleaning stream of water for the sprayer for maximized cleaning potential. You will enjoy the convenience of this system. It has a single handle for controlling the flow and temperature which includes a visual heat guide to help prevent accidental hot water scalds and burns.

It is made in a versatile high shine chrome finish. Chrome appliances are highly reflective, as reflective as a mirror, and have a clean modern appearance. This faucet can be appropriately integrated into any style kitchen from traditional to modern decor. The handle is very easy to use and complies with the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for kitchen faucets.

Moen 7430 Chateau One-Handle Low-Arc Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7430 Chateau

  • 8.5 Inches spout height
  • 9.13 Inches spout reach
  • 1.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • 4.78 pounds weight


Easy to Install

The kit comes with everything you need to integrate the faucet with your existing plumbing. It’s simple enough that even extremely inexperienced home improvers can handle the installation process without additional help from a plumber or other professionals. It doesn’t take a long time either. In less than an hour, you can enjoy this high-quality faucet for a lifetime. It comes with the necessary components including a decking plate for the faucet.

  • No tools required.
  • Innovative design integrates with existing plumbing.
  • It can work with a variety of sinks.

Versatile Design

The chrome finish is a simple, shiny metal that looks great with a variety of different design choices. Whether you prefer the traditional or modern, this simple and elegant chrome faucet is a lovely addition to your home. The design of this model of kitchen faucet is very popular. If you try it for yourself you will soon understand why this is the most sold Moen kitchen faucet.

  • High-shine chrome finish.
  • Mirror-like reflection.
  • Matches a variety of decor styles.
  • Clean and sleek looking.
  • Will not easily rust, flake, or corrode.

Water Efficient

Moen is committed to working with WaterSense and the EPA to encourage environmentally sound practices in our homes. The gallons per minute on this faucet is limited to save water naturally without any effort from you. Harvesting groundwater can disturb ecosystems and have negative effects on the environment. Saving water is important in preserving the environment for generations to come.

  • Wasting water can hurt the environment.
  • This model uses less water than other faucets.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Like all other Moen faucets, the Chateau faucet is backed by Moen’s lifetime performance guarantee. This lifetime limited warranty covers a variety of potential losses such as parts defects or defects in the finish. Moen is a reputable company that engineers their products to last. Each of their kitchen faucets is guaranteed excellent performance for a lifetime.

  • Parts defects and finish defects are covered by the warranty.
  • A lifetime of leak-free performance.
  • Buy with peace of mind with the lifetime extended warranty (free from the manufacturer).

Dual Water Flow

Being able to use the faucet and the sprayer at the same time can help maximize your cleaning efforts. When the faucet has the sprayer built into the same wand, it limits the capacity for dual functions. With this model, you can use one flow of water to fill the sink while using the sprayer to clean off dishes, etc.

  • The sprayer is built-in separately.
  • Spray and rinse at the same time.
  • Two people can use the sink at once.


No Hands-Free Function

Hands-free faucets are preferable because they help prevent the spread of germs as well as making it more convenient to use. Hands-free faucets use motion detectors to automatically start and stop the flow of water. If you or someone in your family has extremely limited hand mobility a kitchen faucet with sensors may be a better option. However, motion-detecting kitchen faucets are more expensive than traditional faucets.

  • Hands-free faucets prevent the spread of germs.
  • Motion sensor faucets are more expensive than traditional faucets.
  • Hands-free faucets are great for those with limited mobility.


The Moen 7430 Chateau One-Handle Low-Arc Kitchen Faucet has a beautiful high-shine chrome finish and a built-in sprayer for cutting through hard to clean messes. It is extremely easy to install as it integrates with your existing plumbing. It’s easy enough that anyone can do it without the help of a professional. The instruction guide is included and easy to follow.

The sprayer cuts through hard to clean messes with ease and can be used at the same time as the regular faucet, with aerated water flow, to maximize your cleaning. It is simple and easy to use, appropriate for everyone in your family. The single lever that controls the temperature and flow is sensitive to touch, easily responding, and has a visual temperature guide.

It is a nice traditional style kitchen faucet that is appropriate for a variety of kitchen settings. The shiny, high-gloss finish will not easily spot, rust, or corrode. You can expect a lifetime of excellent performance from this product even with minimal maintenance. It is no surprise to users that this is the most sold Moen kitchen faucet. Simply wipe down the surface regularly to keep it looking clean and functioning properly.

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