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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/31/2020

Product Overview

With this faucet model, Kraus offers an alternative to chrome or stainless steel. This all brass faucet contains no lead but has the classic curvy elegance of beautiful faucet design. When creating the Kraus KPF-2230SN Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet, the team designers incorporated all of the modern features that you look for in a contemporary faucet. They kept a very traditional look by adding subtle details and curves throughout the design but smoothed out any harsh transitions. The end result is a faucet that will add class to even the most modern kitchen design.

The 2230 faucet by Kraus includes just a single handle, but that handle isn't a dowel rod-looking metal stick in a basic cylinder. Kraus took the time to carve this brass beauty a handle that is slightly wider at the top and tapers to a bottom tip that hangs just below where it affixes to the rest of the faucet. The handle as an almost ergonomic curve to it and the connection to the spout is also a tapered cylinder with the connection narrowing where it reaches the handle. Combine these curves with a single line around the connection that matches a line around the spout and you have a gorgeous balance of clean lines with a classy timeless appeal.

Don't think Kraus skimped on the function, though. This faucet still includes a handheld sprayer that pulls straight down from the spout. The high quality continues with a counterweight to make sure the hose retracts smoothly, and the sprayer will find a solid connection when it docks with the spout.

KRAUS KPF-2230SN Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet, Satin Nickel


  • Lead-free Brass construction
  • Dual-function pull-down sprayer
  • 8 Inches spout height
  • 9.3 Inches spout reach

Best Features

The absolute best feature of this faucet is its looks. This design is warm and inviting while keeping a smooth and contemporary look. But that's certainly not its only great feature. It also has the following:

  • Solid brass construction without the use of any lead
  • Complete swivel to all easy access to the sink
  • High arch to provide plenty of sink space
  • Sprayer pulls down and switches between flow and spray functions with the touch of a button
  • Single handle for easy flow and temperature control
  • Aerator gives you a great smooth stream with limited water usage
  • A ceramic cartridge protects against leaks
  • Designed to require just one hole in your sink or counter

Is Brass the Right Materials for Your Fixtures?

In a world of kitchen remodels dominated by stainless steel, Kraus dares you to consider being different in a very subtly smart way. Stainless steel has a certain modern look to it. It is commonly found paired with solid stone or even concrete counters. While it can provide a clean, smooth look, sometimes that décor can look cold.

Benefits of Brass

A more traditional décor can have a homey and comforting quality that is easily missed with straight lines, perfect corners, and stainless steel. With this fixture, Kraus is inviting you to blend the comfort and welcoming appeal of the past with the beauty and functionality of the future.

When you see an original or truly vintage kitchen, you'll likely find that the faucets are made entirely of brass. It's one of the original materials used to craft kitchen fixtures. While it's much less common now, it still has a few benefits that often get overlooked. For one thing, brass is more durable than stainless steel, especially if you have hard water.

Since brass is more resistant to corrosion, you won’t have to worry about this faucet being worn away because of your hard water. It will also keep your family healthier. Brass has germicidal qualities, so it’s less likely to let bacteria breed on it.

While some purported brass fixtures are just brass plated, Kraus sink faucets maintain high-quality standards. They built this kitchen sink faucet out of solid brass. Since their company's focus is ultimately on their end-users, they are careful to avoid any lead, too.

Brass Concerns

Some people do have concerns about brass changing colors and requiring polishing. While these concerns aren't unfounded, Kraus uses a finish that ensures that you won't have to worry about that with any of their fixtures.


  • Beautiful Design – This faucet will fit in with any kitchen décor. It’s smooth and elegant lines give it a modern look while the curves and subtle details keep it classically welcoming and warm.
  • Build for Cooking – Kraus had chefs in mind when they created this single handle faucet. It makes it easy for you to adjust the water flow or bump the temperature up and down. The hand sprayer pulls down to make it easy to spray out the whole sink or aim the water at a sideways angle while you scrub. They even put the toggle to shift from stream to spray right there on the handle to make it easy to swap between the two.
  • Solid Construction – Kraus chose to build this faucet out of solid brass with no lead involved, so your family will be safe while enjoying a traditional, brass fixture.


  • If your entire kitchen is stainless steel, a stainless steel faucet may be better.


When it comes to choosing a kitchen sink faucet, it's a great opportunity to make a statement at the heart of your kitchen. By choosing the Kraus KPF-2230SN Single Lever Pull Out Kitchen Faucet, you’ll be saying that you value a timeless piece that offers all the modern advantages.

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