Kohler K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet Review

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/23/2020

Product Overview

The Kohler K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet is made out of vibrant, high-quality stainless steel and comes with everything you need to easily install the set. It is outfitted with sensors that automatically start the flow of water with only a movement of the hand. The sensor if very powerful and responds within 20 milliseconds. A precision window guarantees that the sensor will not be accidentally triggered.

The faucet has a pull-down sprayer that is on a super responsive nylon hose and ball joint system. It easily pulls down and can reach hard to clean spots. When you’re done, the sprayer snaps back into place flush with the faucet. A powerful magnet ensures that the spray nozzle will not ever hang limply from the faucet.

American Standard 4175300.002 Colony Soft Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

American Standard Colony Soft 4175300.002

  • Pull-Down Sprayer
  • Brass Swivel Spout
  • Scratch and Corrosion Resistant Finish
  • Ceramic Disc Valve
  • Drip-Free Performance

Benefits of Touchless Faucets

Having a touch-free kitchen faucet has many benefits. It is far more hygienic. Did you know that faucet handles can be some of the dirtiest places in your house? This is because they’re constantly being touched by dirty hands, and the moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for germs.

When you turn on the faucet using dirty hands, the germs transfer to the handles, which re-contaminate your hands when you touch the handle to turn off the water. Touchless faucets provide a more hygienic solution to traditional faucet sets.

Frequent home chefs, craftspeople, and parents are likely familiar with the dilemma of having filthy hands and having to turn on the kitchen faucet to clean them, getting the kitchen faucet covered in food, paint, or dirt, and then getting your hands dirty again trying to turn the faucet off. It’s a cycle that can be frustrating, unclean, and time-consuming. Dirt particles could also collect in cracks in the handles and cause rust over time.

Best Product Features

  • Clean, Sleek Appearance

The faucet is made out of shiny, beautiful stainless steel. Stainless steel is spot resistant as well as resistant to most kinds of surface blemishes so the faucet remains looking new even after years of frequent use. Wiping it down daily with a cloth is the only maintenance you will need--no chemicals or soaking required.

The mineral build-up, soap scum, and germs can all be easily wiped away. The faucet design itself is very simple, with a single sloping faucet with a small handle. It will not take away from any of your bathroom decor but instead enhance it. Stainless steel is shiny and clean looking, which helps your kitchen look spotless (even when it’s not). There is an L.E.D. indicator light installed that prevents false activations.

  • Easy Installation

The kit comes with everything you need to install your faucet. It is most suitable for a one-hole set-up. It takes only about thirty minutes to have a complete set up touchless faucet set. There is no expensive or messy remodeling required and you will not need a plumber.

It’s easy enough that even the most inexperienced DIY home-improvers can handle it. Included with the package is an easy to follow instruction manual and there are visual guides available online.

  • Touchless Operation

With a simple motion of the hand or a dish, the water automatically starts. It takes less than 20 milliseconds for the flow of water to start. There is also protection in place to prevent unintentionally starting the water flow. There are many benefits to using a kitchen faucet with touchless features. The main one is health and safety. The handles on faucets become breeding grounds for germs because they’re constantly being touched. Removing this aspect makes the entire process far more clean.

Additionally, it is easier to clean. If you have messy hands from cooking or painting you will not have to touch the faucet with your dirty hands and get the faucet dirty as well. When you’re cleaning and cooking it will also make the process faster because you won’t have to waste time turning the water off and on.

An amazing benefit that’s not spoken of often enough is that you will also save more water because the faucet will never be accidentally left on. Wasting water is bad for the wallet and the environment so choose a faucet system that is optimized to save water.


  • No Dual Operation

Because there is only one nozzle for both rinsing and spraying, you can not use both at the same time. Some other faucet systems have the spray nozzle built in separately so you can use both at one time.


The Kohler K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet is built for both beauty and performance. It has an uncomplicated, simple appearance that will not interfere with the decor of your kitchen, but instead enhance it. Stainless steel is not only super hygienic, but it also is resistant to most kinds of surface blemishes such as spots and rust. You simply cannot go wrong with a Kohler kitchen faucet from good material such as stainless steel. The kit comes with everything that is required for installation and can easily be installed in versatile locations. A lifetime of exceptional performance is guaranteed so you can rest assured that this is an appliance that will last for years with no leaks.

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