11 Kitchen Makeover Ideas On a Budget

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 01/18/2021

Are you trying to redesign your kitchen without spending a small fortune? It can be difficult, especially if there is a certain look that you are trying to achieve. Luckily for you, we gathered the 11 best kitchen makeover ideas that you can do on a budget!

Ideas for Kitchen Makeover On a Budget

We included a variety of ideas, so you can be sure to find something that fits your style. We have it all below, so let’s get started!

1. Update the Lighting

Lighting is important in any room of the house, but making your kitchen brighter, is an easy task.

If you would like more inspiration, adding new light fixtures above the sink or island always makes a lot of positive changes to your kitchen. Plus, these appliances cost less money than renovating your entire kitchen, and it might be just what you need.

Kitchen With Sink

You will be surprised at how much difference a steel lighting appliance or pendant lights make. Anything the light touches will feel shiny and new, especially if your kitchen spaces were always dim before.

If you already enjoy the appliances that you have in your kitchen, then you might want to experiment with bulbs in them. Various watts produce different levels of brightness, which will help alter the mood of your kitchen in one way or another.

Overall, we have to say that adding some new lighting fixtures can really finish up a room and bring everything together.

2. Add More Shelving

Shelves that are easy to reach add more options for decorating and storage. You can paint them however you choose too, so they match all themes.

Decluttering can help make the biggest difference when doing a kitchen makeover. The process can help your site feel more open and clean.

Sometimes, kitchen cabinets just will not cut it. Adding shelves does not feel like any space is taken away from the area.

You might be able to add some under or near your island. You can use this as a place to put DIY decorations or condiments for food, keeping them within reach. There are plenty of shelving tips online that you can find.

black faucet and open shelves

3. Add White Paint

A fresh coat of paint is perfect for opening up a kitchen and making it feel fresh and new. The best part? Paint does not cost as much as making other changes to your kitchen might. The difference is drastic if you have a dark backsplash in your kitchen before painting.


Start by painting your cabinets. Then, move onto the backsplash. By using two different shades of white, the cabinets still stand out, but the area looks much more open. We recommend that you paint the cabinets pure white and the backsplash and kitchen wall a light gray or off white.

The fresh and open feeling in your white kitchen will astound you! We think this look pairs great with farmhouse sinks, although on a tight budget, just a new coat of paint is best.

4. Add a Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

Stainless steel faucets will last you a long time, plus, they add more style to your kitchen space and serve an important function. They match all shades of paint and just about any theme or style too.

Want a modern space or a farmhouse kitchen? These kitchen sink faucets can match the rest of your makeover with ease. You can also install them yourself as an evening project at home.

Stainless Steel Faucet

5. Change all Curtains

Kitchen curtains are also going to alter the mood of your property. You can switch them out for darker modern ones or a see-through set that makes your kitchen feel more sunny during the day.

Overall, when doing your kitchen makeovers, the little details count. You do not want to ignore the curtains and other small factors- all together, they make a major difference in your kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Faucet LEft

6. Update Your Countertops With Butcher Block

When it comes to a kitchen makeover on a budget, you will need to consider changing your countertops, if nothing else. If you have an outdated kitchen, swapping to a modern material can make a huge difference. We recommend making the change to butcher block.

Butcher block countertops are very affordable, especially when compared to other popular materials. This countertop material is a warm wood, which can greatly update the mood of your kitchen. We recommend you check out photos of butcher block countertop online for inspiration.

They do need to be maintained, but they are still excellent for a kitchen makeover on a budget. If you do not take care of them, the wood will lose its life and start to appear dull.

You can easily find this wood material at just about any home improvement store, so the odds are you do not have to travel far to get it. They also will suit an island and a lot of other surfaces.

Finally, this material can match any shelves or cabinets with ease. You will not need to update the rest of your fixtures, unless you want to. This opens up plenty of options for you.

7. Upgrade Appliances

In some cases, simply upgrading an appliance or two can make a huge difference. Depending on what you replace, you might have to spend more money, however.

Still, it can help to have a newer fridge or microwave- especially if you have something over ten years old. Modern touches can alter the feeling of your house and are often more convenient.

Woman with a new oven

8. Swapping Outdated Kitchen Cabinets

If you have outdated kitchen cabinets, you can switch them out on a budget. The lowest cost way to get your kitchen new cabinetry, would be to go to a home improvement store. Places like Lowe's and Home Depot have cheap cabinets- you can can get a good amount of them for your home.

Even if you have a contractor install them for you, you will want to purchase the cabinets yourself. Contractors often will buy the same cabinetry for you, but mark up the cost about 20 to 50 percent.

Once you have your new cabinet hardware installed, your kitchen will already feel different. It is up to you if you want to paint the cabinets or leave them be. Paint is inexpensive and can totally change the styles you have at home. Plus, it can be an easy and fun weekend project to tackle.

We find that homeowners are often surprised at how much a new set of cabinets can change the look of their room! It is a simple and budget friendly solution, especially if you buy the cabinetry at a great value.

9. DIY Subway Tile

A tile backsplash looks great in a white kitchen. The material is pretty cheap to buy in bulk, making it great for budget kitchen makeovers.

Subway Tiles Backsplash

With a little research on tile DIY topics, you can completely makeover the walls above your sink. Even if you just style this one area and nothing else, your kitchen will have a new, fresh look.

Adding tile to your sink backsplash could be a fun weekend project. We recommend that you look up ideas for inspiration online- there are many ways to style tile and you could find some unique pattern ideas.

If you enjoy the look of this material, you can add it to more places in your kitchen than one section above your faucet. Trends like this bring a room together.

10. Have a Glass Makeover

If you have solid cabinets or pantry door, you might want to add glass windows to them. Vintage glass is a popular project, with plenty of ideas popping up for this style online. Plus, guests will now be able to see your special dishes or other decorations.

A glass window on your pantry door can make it easier to find specific food before you even open it. This process can be a fun way to makeover your kitchen and make the space feel much ore open. You may need further help with this project, however.

11. Flooring on a Budget

Your kitchen makeovers do not just have to be about the walls- you can find inexpensive flooring that is perfect for a budget.

Kitchen flooring made from ceramic tile, laminate, cork, and vinyl is all going to fit in your budget. These options are inexpensive, but can be styled to mimic other (more expensive) types of floors.

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To summarize, there are many ways that you can stick to a budget while working on a kitchen makeover. You might want to work on one area in your kitchen at a time, so you do not go over your money allotment.

If you have any questions about your kitchen makeover, feel free to reach out to Tasha! We love hearing from our readers.

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