K7 Semi-Pro Single-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet Review

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/29/2020

Product Overview

The K7 Semi-Pro Single-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet Review is an elegant yet powerful faucet that mirrors those used in fast-paced kitchens and food-prep areas. It has all of the benefits of a professional kitchen faucet, but with a slightly smaller size, and an aesthetically pleasing shape, size, and color. The performance of the sink faucet is matched by that of it’s smooth exterior, the SilkMove faucet hose and wand give a lifetime of smooth operation.

Manufactured by GROHE, a trusted manufacturer of high-quality commercial kitchen faucets, this faucet has all of the technologically advanced components of other GROHE models, and a few unique ones of its own. It has a long-lasting ceramic cartridge which provides a steady, regulated aerated flow of water. Aerated water has air added to it, which increases the pressure of the water while decreasing the amount of water used.

Grohe K7 Semi-Pro Single-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

K7 Semi-Pro

  • 1.75 gpm
  • 26-9/16 in. Faucet height
  • 5-7/8 in. Aerator height
  • SpeedClean anti-lime system

The finish used on this faucet is very beautiful. It combines shiny, polished chrome with a brushed, soft-matte chrome for a stunning contrast of textures. The shiny chrome accents really bring out the overall smooth and supple texture of the soft-matte finish. This finish won’t easily fade, flake, or corrode over time either. StarLight finishes give a lifetime of scratch-free and spot-free beauty.


Smooth Operation

The spray nozzle has multiple settings and is on the end of a durable, yet bendable chord. It uses SilkMove technology which enhances the motion of the nozzle for a better experience. The faucet spray wand can easily maneuver to reach all sorts of hard to clean spots on your dishes and the flow of water matches that of a professional kitchen. Everyone will be impressed by what a beautiful and modern kitchen faucet you have.

StarLight Long-Lasting Finish

The StarLight finish is made to last a lifetime. While GROHE faucets come in many different beautiful finishes, this semi-pro sink is electroplated with chrome, a popular choice due to its high shine and luxurious experience. When brushed, chrome has a velvety, soft matte texture. This faucet combines both accents of reflective polished chrome in the spout, and brushed chrome over the majority of the piece, for a luxurious and modern look.

Modern Convenience

This is a minimalist design with saves counter space, as well as being energy efficient and reducing your water consumption without sacrificing performance. It has a super smooth and bendable hose with a spray nozzle attached with multiple settings for all your cleaning needs. With only the touch of a button you can easily switch back and forth between a steady aerated flow of water, and a high-pressure spray for tough messes.


The surface of the faucet uses SpeedClean technology, which makes the surface super easy to clean. Nothing, not food, soap, or germs, will want to attach to the surface of this metal. With the swipe of a finger you can wipe away any sort of buildup on the surface of the metal. This makes it incredibly easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a clean cloth every once in a while and you will have a beautiful sink for years to come.


Not Hands-Free

Hands-free faucets use motion detectors to sense when you’re near and start the water flow automatically. This faucet doesn’t have a hands-free function and operates using a single handle. The handle is fairly easy to use, but germs can be transferred via faucet handles. Hands-free motion detecting faucets are typically more expensive than traditional faucets.


The K7 Semi-Pro Single-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet Review combines the look and performance of an industrial commercial faucet with the elegance and versatility that you want in your home. It makes an elegant addition to any kitchen, and is a great gift for those who are always in the kitchen. It makes cleaning dishes a breeze, as it has a high arc spout with plenty of room, and a spray nozzle that moves on a bendable metal hose to reach hard to clean spots.

GROHE makes high-quality commercial kitchen faucets in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. There is a GROHE faucet for everyone. They only use top quality materials, such as the brass and chrome used in the construction of this faucet, and they give a free factory warranty with each product for added peace of mind. The components included are high-quality and won’t easily break over time even with heavy use. It’s made for a fast-paced kitchen, has a convenient multi-setting spray nozzle, and super smooth operation with the SilkMove technology, patented by GROHE.

The finish used is so high-quality that it is guaranteed to last for a lifetime. Brass is used for the main construction of the sink, and over the top is electroplated multiple layers of chrome. Chrome is a luxurious metal, which is super popular in modern homes and businesses for it’s high-shine bright metallic color. In this model, both polished and brushed chrome are combined, accentuating the overall soft and modern look of the faucet. It is a super elegant design, with sloping curves and a smooth, velvety looking finish.

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