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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/29/2020

Product Overview

The Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filtration System has a sleek, modern appearance with a chrome finish and a clear cap on the filtration system. It can be installed onto any standard faucet, and you can easily switch back and forth between filtered and unfiltered water. This is fantastic as the filtration process can slow down the flow of water, making it unsuitable for high-capacity water tasks such as filling vessels.

This filter is certified to reduce chlorine in the water for improved taste and safer drinkability. It reduces any sort of bad taste, making faucet water far better tasting than before. All of the parts are tested and certified safe and long-lasting. Instapure is a reputable creator of water filters who is dedicated to making clean, great-tasting water accessible to everyone. This filter for your kitchen faucet is made to last and provides excellent results for years to come.

Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filtration System


  • Chrome Base with clear cap
  • No tools necessary for installation
  • Reduces bad taste and odor 
  • 0.7 Pounds weight

Importance of Clean Water

Drinking impure water can be detrimental to human health. There are chemicals found in our drinking water that can cause everything from headaches and birth defects to serious forms of cancer. Having clean drinking water is no joke, and it should never be taken for granted. There are several ways to ensure your family always has clean, healthy water to drink, the most efficient being choosing a high-quality water filter.

Best Product Features

Long-Lasting Performance

This faucet water filter will give you 200 gallons or three months of super clean water per filter, which will save you up to $1000 a year compared to other drinking water solutions. It filters up to 5x more water than other filters and doesn’t take up half as much space. It is a super modern and compact design, engineered for both beauty and performance by the filtration experts at Instapure.

Reduces Several Contaminants

Here are some facts about water contaminants and how this filter can help.

  • Lead

Instapure removes 99% of lead from the water. Lead may make its way into drinking water through old pipes, installed before lead pipes were made illegal. Consuming lead is detrimental to human health and development, particularly in children and teens.

  • Microbial Cysts

A microbial cyst is a stage in a bacteria's life cycle where it lays dormant, waiting to make its way into your sensitive digestive tract to wreak havoc on your health. Another kind of microbial cyst is a parasite, which feeds on your body for energy. This water tap filter removes 99% of microbial cysts from the water.

  • Chlorine

Another contaminant found in water is chlorine. Chlorine is responsible for the sour taste we often find in tap water. Chlorine is also linked to certain types of cancer after long-term exposure through drinking water. This tap filter removes 97% of chlorine taste and odor.

Compact Size

Unlike other bulky filtration systems, this filter does not take up a ton of counter space. It filters water fast and efficiently without being in the way. In addition to having an economic and compact size, it is also aesthetically pleasing. The chrome accents and the see-through clear cap give this filtration system an overall modern and minimalist look that is elegant enough to be a lovely addition to any modern home.

Better For the Environment

Switching from water bottles to a filter is not only good for your health but it is a decision you can feel good about knowing that it is an environmentally sound decision. Water bottles are the least efficient form of clean water that has ever existed, with 80% of water bottles never being recycled and instead end up in landfills, or worse, in the ocean.

Better Tasting Water

The water produced by this filtration system will be like that of the purest mountain stream. It has a clean, crisp taste, devoid of all contaminants such as chlorine. Chlorine is the main cause of sour nasty tastes in the water, and using a filter such as this one will remove at least 99% of that taste. Having better-tasting water will help to encourage your dehydrated friends and family to finally drink more water.


Reduces Water Flow

Using the filtration setting for drinking water adds an extra step to the water process, and slows down the rate at which water flows from the tap. If you need to use the tap at maximum capacity, and not for drinking water, use the switch to flip in between filtered and unfiltered water.


The Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filtration System is a high-capacity and long-lasting filtration system that removes 99% of harmful contaminants from drinking water. Using this filter will significantly improve the flavor, odor, and taste of your drinking water. Using a filter instead of water bottles will also decrease your environmental footprint substantially. A single filter can replace hundreds of water bottles. This filter for your kitchen faucet tastes better and lasts longer than other filters and water bottles.

Instapure is a reputable manufacturer of filters that only uses certified safe and long-lasting materials in the construction of each component. It’s super easy to use and integrates seamlessly with almost any standard faucet with removable aerator. It has a chrome body with a clear filter cap. The size is compact and doesn’t take up a ton of room on your counter or sink. Everyone in your family will love the convenience and great taste of Instapure filtered drinking water.

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