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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/23/2020

Product Overview

For those who have small kitchens or limited cabinet space beneath their sink, this garbage disposal is an ideal choice. Its best feature is its perfect balance of a tiny size with a motor big enough to chew apart all of the waste you send down your sink. With the InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal, you get three-fourths of horsepower in the motor while keeping the unit small enough to fit underneath any sink.

This disposal might be a tiny thing, but it can pack quite a punch. It’s great for houses or households with limited cabinet space because it will fit under your sink with ease. It is made of stainless steel parts and has a liner by LeakGuard so that you know it is durable. It’s also very quiet. You won’t disturb any family activities or stop your conversation when you turn on this disposal.

With a garbage disposal from InSinkErator, you know that you’ll get a great disposal that will be reliable, quick, and quiet while making your kitchen clean up very easy. Not only is InSinkErator the largest brand to manufacture units like this, but they've also got a long history to show their quality. The company was founded in 1927 and makes a wide range of garbage disposals to suit every need, space, and purpose.

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Compact

InSinkErator Evolution Compact - 3/4 HP

  • Perfect For Small Households
  • Quiet and Powerful
  • Well-Known Brand
  • 2-Stage Multigrind Technology
  • Alloy Stainless Steel Grind Components

Tiny Doesn’t But Strong

While kitchen sinks come in many sizes, there are situations when smaller is better. Perhaps you want extra countertop space instead of a sink with two basins. You might want a wider cabinet or space for a cabinet with drawers that means you need to limit the size of the cabinet under your kitchen sink. Whatever the case or reason may be, having a smaller kitchen sink or cabinet under the sink should not limit your garbage disposal.


InSinkErator wanted to ensure that those who have these kitchen designs with smaller sinks can still enjoy the convenience of a strong and powerful garbage disposal. They created the Evolution Compact with exactly this situation in mind. This disposal still has ¾ of a horsepower motor, but the unit is much smaller than most garbage disposals.

It is common for many kitchen garbage disposals to be 12 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches, but that’s not the case with the Evolution Compact. It measures just 8 inches by 8 inches by 12 inches. This compact size allows it to easily fit under almost any kitchen sink cabinet without taking away all of your storage space.


Don’t mistake the small size for small power, though. While the power of garbage disposal can range from ½ a horsepower up to 2 horses, the only situation that would ever warrant more than 1 is a household that includes more than eight people. In fact, for households that include 5-8 people, a garbage disposal with ¾ to 1 HP is generally what is most recommended.

That means that the Evolution Compact, with its ¾ HP, is capable of handling any household with fewer than 8 people in it! You’ll still be able to grind up all of your waste efficiently without having to choose a giant garbage disposal that will use up all of your under-sink cabinet space. When you choose the Evolution Compact, you get the best balance of size and power available. This disposal has the same power as many of the big models.


  • InSinkErator Brand – Since InSinkErator has been building garbage disposals for almost a century, you know that they are a brand that you can trust. The blades will stay strong, the motor is efficient and reliable, and all of the parts are top quality.
  • Easy Installation – This model easy swaps with most standard garbage disposal units, so you will likely be able to install it yourself if you're replacing an existing unit.
  • Small Size – This is what makes the Evolution Compact unique. It’s one of the smallest garbage disposals available on the market, so you can keep your space open under the sink. It will also make it easy to fit in a disposal, even if your sink, cabinet, or kitchen is on the smaller size.
  • Great Power – Just because it's small, doesn't mean it's weak. This unit packs the same 3/4HP as many of the larger disposals. It will still grind up everything you throw at it and can work for most households without issue.
  • Quite – The Evolution Compact is a quiet garbage disposal that won’t interrupt your conversation, over-power the sound of your favorite cooking show, or distract from the ambiance of your peaceful meal preparation or cleanup.


  • While the Evolution Compact can handle most households, those with seven or more people living there and using the kitchen should consider a unit with a full 1HP for example the InSinkErator Evolution excel might be a better choice.


When you are cleaning up after working in the kitchen, having a garbage disposal that can help you out is a great convenience. A good unit will quickly and quietly grind up all of the scraps, trimmings, and food debris that you can wipe off of your counter or scrape from used plates. By scraping it into the sink instead of the trash, your whole kitchen will smell better. With the InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal, you won’t need to give up much cabinet space to enjoy this convenience.

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