Hansgrohe Talis S Premium 1-Handle 13-inch Tall Kitchen Faucet Review

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/27/2020

Product Overview

The Hansgrohe Talis S Premium 1-Handle 13-inch Tall Kitchen Faucet is a super modern German engineered kitchen faucet with an extended range via pullout spray wand, which has multiple cleaning settings, enhancing the experience of all of your kitchen tasks. The convenient system makes doing the dishes a breeze. The spray nozzle is at the end of a flexible metal hose which rotates up to 150 degrees to reach all sorts of hard to clean messes.

The faucet has a unique, geometric design that is very modern and minimalistic. This is the perfect faucet for DIY home improvers looking for a super modern, contemporary faucet. The angled spout gives ample room for cleaning large pots and pans, and the single hole installation makes it a compact and space-saving kitchen faucet solution.

There are modern Hansgrohe kitchen faucets to suit every household, with a wide array of finishes, shapes, sizes, and colors each with their own unique features. Hansgrohe is a German company who excels in craftsmanship with each product engineered in their factories. Only the highest quality materials such as top of the line brass and stainless steel are used in the construction of Hansgrohe faucets.

hansgrohe Talis S Premium 1-Handle 13-inch Tall Kitchen Faucet

hansgrohe Talis S Premium

  • 2 Spray Modes: Full and Needle
  • 150-Degree Swivel Range
  • +12" Hose Extension
  • 1.75 GPM Flow Rate


  • Pull-Out Spout Spray Nozzle

The spray nozzle has multiple settings including a rinse and a spray setting which easily cuts through hard to clean messes. You can toggle between the settings with a touch of a finger, making the cleaning process more convenient than ever. Doing the dishes can be a hassle, but with a modern, upgraded Hansgrohe faucet with pulldown spray nozzle it is easier than ever to get this chore done in no time at all.

The spray nozzle is attached to the end of a durable, yet flexible metal hose which extends and rotates to reach hard to clean spots. The spray wand can rotate on a pivot of up to 150 degrees. When not in use, the spray nozzle sits flush with the faucet’s spout via a powerful magnet. The spray nozzle will never hang limp even after decades of use.

The nozzle is made with anti-limescale silicone which is extremely easy to clean, extending the lifetime of your faucet. Mineral deposits, soap, and dirt can be easily wiped away from the nozzle and the finish with only the swipe of a finger.

  • Hassle-Free Installation

The box comes with everything you need to get started including the necessary water connections for an easy DIY connection with your existing kitchen plumbing. This is a super easy installation process that even the most inexperienced home improvers can complete in under an hour without the help of a professional plumber or remodeler.

  • High-Quality Materials and Construction

The sink is made out of a high-quality solid brass construction. Brass sinks are proven to last for decades without showing a single sign of aging. They are highly resistant to all kinds of damage, corrosion, cracks, and rust. The chrome finish is also top of the line, and electroplated to the surface of the brass faucet for a long-lasting shine that is both clean and beautiful.

The ceramic disc cartridge is one of the best available, giving thousands of leak-free usages. Hansgrohe sinks are made to last, and this one is no exception, giving a lifetime of excellent performance.


  • One-Hole Installation or Additional Purchase

This space-saving compact and modern design is made for a single-hole installation. It can be adapted for installation in a multi-hole sink with the purchase of a deck plate from the same company. A matching soap dispenser is also available from the same trusted manufacturer.

  • Not Hands-Free

Hands-free sinks use sensors to start the water, which helps prevent the spread of germs via the handle. Motion detecting kitchen faucets are typically more expensive than traditional faucets, but are a great choice for those with limited hand mobility. This faucet doesn’t have motion detectors--it has a single, easy to use lever to control the flow and temperature of water.


The Hansgrohe Talis S Premium 1-Handle 13-inch Tall Kitchen Faucet is a German engineered, geometric minimalist designed kitchen faucet that comes with pull-out spout with multiple settings. You can easily toggle back and forth between the spray and rinse setting with only the press of a button with makes doing the dishes an easier task than ever. Doing the dishes and other kitchen tasks are far more convenient with a modern, upgraded faucet from Hansgrohe.

The box comes with everything you need to get started with installation included the required water connections to integrate the new faucet with your existing kitchen plumbing. The faucet requires only a one hole connection as the single-lever controls both the temperature and flow of the water.

If you have a multi-hole sink you can still use this faucet, by using an adapter from the same trusted company, available in a matching finish as a separate purpose. Pairing this faucet with matching kitchen accessories will help to create a sense of unity in the space, and there is a matching soap dispenser available from the same manufacturer.

This faucet has an interesting, contemporary look which is great for modern homes. With the right decor it could also have a vintage or retro feel to it. It has a high-quality chrome finish that is high-shine for a reflective, clean looking surface. Chrome is a modern, luxurious metal that is both hygienic and resilient against most kinds of damage, making it a great choice for kitchen faucets. If you like the style of this one, you may also like these other modern Hansgrohe kitchen faucets.

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