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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/30/2020

Product Overview

The Danze DH451188SS The Foodie Single Handle Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet is a high-performance kitchen faucet that makes a perfect for chefs or anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. It has a high-arc spout with a multiple-setting enabled nozzle. With a twist of the nozzle you can go back and forth between a steady flow and high-pressure cleaning spray. This system makes cleaning dishes and other messes a breeze.

Most people can agree that doing the dishes is a task we could do without, but with this high-performance kitchen faucet, this tiresome chore is now easier than ever. The spray of the nozzle is high-pressure and cuts through hard to clean messes with ease. It operates at a maximum capacity of 1.75 gallons per minute, which is still slightly below average meaning you’re saving water and money on each utility bill.

Gerber DH451188SS Foodie Single Handle Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet

Gerber DH451188SS The Foodie

  • 1.75 gallons per minute
  • Deck Mounted
  • Stainless-Steel Finish
  • 7.25 pounds weight

The faucet is made of high-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel is the top choice for health and food environments because it a very hygienic surface. It is very easy to clean, as germs, scum, and soap do not stick to the surface. It doesn’t require any scrubbing, chemicals, or soaking to keep the faucet looking beautiful. Simply wipe it down with a clean cloth to keep it working to its full potential.

This kitchen faucet from the popular brand Danze comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Free from the manufacturer and included with the purchase of a faucet, this limited lifetime guarantee protects your purchase against parts defects, finish defects, and guarantees the performance of the product for a lifetime.


  • Stainless Steel Finish

Stainless steel is a top choice for kitchen faucets for multiple reasons. It is a strong and durable material that doesn’t easily damage. It will not get scratches or dings in it like some softer metals such as aluminum or chrome, and it is resistant to corrosion or rust. The surface stays looking beautiful for longer as stainless steel is resistant to spotting and fingerprints as well. It is very hard for anything to stick to the surface of stainless steel, making it one of the easiest to clean and maintain metals out there.

  • High-Pressure Spray Setting

There are multiple settings on the nozzle of the faucet, including a rinse setting and a spray setting. The spray setting provides a high-pressure spray that easily cuts through hard to clean spots and messes. This makes it extremely easy to take care of dishes and other tough messes. It is easy to switch back and forth between the settings by twisting the nozzle.

  • Easy Installation

The sink faucet has a hassle-free installation process that even the most inexperienced of home improvers should be able to handle without any assistance from a professional plumber or remodeler. It comes with an optional deck plate included, that allows this one-hole sink kitchen faucet to be adapted for a three-hole sink as well. It is a speedy and easy installation, and once it is installed you are guaranteed excellent performance for the lifetime of the kitchen.


  • Not Hands-Free

Hands-free kitchen faucets uses motion detectors to sense when you’re near and automatically start the water. For those with arthritis or other ailments limiting hand mobility, a hands-free faucet may be a better option than a traditional faucet. However, hands-free faucets are more expensive. Another benefit to using hands-free faucets is that they prevent the spread of germs through the handle.


The Danze DH451188SS The Foodie Single Handle Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet has a clean, modern appearance and makes an elegant addition to a modern home. It has powerful cleaning potential with a nozzle that changes settings based on your needs. It has both a high-pressure spray setting and rinse setting, making all of your tasks easier than ever before. The high-arc spout design also offers plenty of room beneath for cleaning large pots and pans.

This kitchen faucet from the popular brand Danze has a high-shine stainless steel finish that is polished for a reflective, mirror-like appearance. Combined with the high-arc and single-handle design, and it has a super modern appearance over all. This faucet will look great combined with other stainless steel appliances, creating a sense of unity in the kitchen interior design.

Danze is part of the Gerber company, founded in 1927, which is one of the most reputable manufacturers of appliances in the world. They never cut corners when it comes to quality, and all of their appliances are certified safe and long-lasting. This faucet comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty which protects your purchase against parts defects, finish defects, shipping damages, and more.

The installation process is hassle-free and so easy that even the most beginner of DIY home improvers should be able to handle it without the help or a plumber or other professional. You can adapt this one-hole sink faucet for a three-hole sink by using the optional matching decking plate that is included in the box with your purchase.

This beautiful, versatile, and high performance kitchen faucet by Danze is only one of the many high-quality faucets made by the company. They have a kitchen faucet in every shape, size, and color, which each have their own unique features and settings. Each faucet is certified efficient, safe, and long-lasting. There is a Danze faucet out there for everyone.

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