Danze D404557 Opulence Two Handle Bridge Style Kitchen Faucet Review

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/30/2020

Product Overview

The Danze D404557 Opulence Two Handle Bridge Style Kitchen Faucet has a unique vintage-inspired appearance and comes in a high-shine reflective chrome finish. Included with the faucet is a matching sprayer for tough messes. It is a “bridge-style” kitchen faucet, meaning it has a bar that connects all three of the components above the counter.

It’s made by a reputable manufacturer who only uses certified safe and high-quality materials in the construction of their kitchen faucets and accessories. The installation process is very easy. There is an online kitchen project guide available from Danze that shows the difference between different kinds of faucets and Danze kitchen faucet compared with other faucets, as well as how to install them in your home.

Danze D404557 Opulence Two Handle Bridge Style Kitchen Faucet with Matching Brass Side Spray, Chrome

Danze D404557 Opulence

  • Matching brass spray
  • Bridge style faucet
  • Brass material
  • 7.71 pounds weight

Best Product Features

  • High-Quality Materials and Construction

The faucet is made of high-quality brass that will withstand the test of time. It is designed for both beauty and performance, with sturdy construction that does not easily wear or tear. The main construction of the faucet is made out of brass. With proper care, a brass sink can last for decades without sacrificing any performance.

  • Modern Chrome Finish

Chrome is electroplated to the outside layer of the faucet for a beautiful finish. Chrome as a finish is shinier than other metals, even stainless steel, and has a highly reflective mirror-like surface. The high-gloss shiny chrome finish can be interpreted as modern or vintage depending on the rest of the kitchen decor. It’s a versatile finish that looks very clean and will make your kitchen feel cleaner, bigger, and brighter. The reflective finish will not easily corrode, spot, or rust over time.

  • Unique Design

The shape of the faucet is very unique. It has a bridge connecting the two handles with the spout, which is useful for creating a sense of unity in the piece. The handles are vintage-styled, with blue and red temperature indicators to help prevent accidental burns from hot water. This sink has a retro or vintage vibe, combined with shiny modern chrome, makes for a versatile and eye-grabbing faucet. This isn’t a boring old kitchen faucet, it is a beautiful addition to the kitchen space.

  • Trusted Manufacturer

Danze is a trusted manufacturer of kitchen faucets, appliances, and accessories. Danze is owned by Gerber, founded in 1927, one of the most reputable manufacturers in the world. They make a wide range of appliances including kitchen faucets in a variety of shapes and styles. Look at a Danze kitchen faucet compared with other kitchen faucets are you will notice the difference. The Gerber family name is committed to only representing outstanding products, including this one.

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Only top of the line materials is used in the construction of Danze faucets. All of the parts and components are certified safe, lead-free, and long-lasting. When you purchase a Danze faucet, you can rest assured that you are receiving a reliable product. Free from the manufacturer, this two-handle bridge style kitchen faucet comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer which protects against parts defects, finish defects, and guarantees excellent performance for the lifetime of the product.

Worst Product Features

  • No Hands-Free Feature

The knobs on the sink are small, round, and require you to be able to grasp your hand around it to be able to turn it. For those with extremely limited hand mobility, this may cause issues. If you have severe arthritis or another ailment that prevents you from grasping handles, you may want to choose a hands-free sink instead. Hands-free sink faucets use high-tech motion-detecting sensors to start the flow of water without ever having to touch the handle. Motion detecting kitchen faucets are more expensive than traditional faucets.


The Danze D404557 Opulence Two Handle Bridge Style Kitchen Faucet has a sturdy brass construction that will last for decades, as well as a long-lasting and beautiful chrome finish. Chrome is a high-shine metal, that when polished is as reflective as a mirror. It is easy to clean and brightens up the kitchen. Both metals are high-quality, durable, and safe to use for drinking water. All of the components involved in the construction of this faucet are extremely strong and long-lasting. The sink is easy to install and should give excellent results for the lifetime of the product.

This faucet has a unique, “opulent” appearance which gives tribute to the old days while combining elements of the modern. The curves of the faucet are reminiscent of the past, and combined with the modern chrome finish, is a beautiful focal point for both modern and traditional home decor styles. The bridge-style faucets are a top choice for period style kitchens, as they have a distinctly antique or vintage appearance. With a bridge-style faucet, the cold and hot water lines connect above the counter in what is called the bridge.

The faucet is made by Danze, which is a part of the Gerber company. Gerber is one of the most respected companies in America, and the world, which only creates high-quality products. Each Danze faucet, which comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, is covered by a limited lifetime warranty which protects the purchase from parts defects and finishes defects, protects against shipping damages, and guarantees excellent performance for the lifetime of the product. This faucet is designed for both beauty and performance, with a uniquely designed appearance that will add flair to any kitchen space.

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