Danze D152012 Melrose Single Temperature Pantry Faucet Review

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/30/2020

Product Overview

The Danze D152012 Melrose Single Temperature Pantry Faucet is a perfect simple little faucet for pantry needs. It is easy to install, has great performance for the lifetime of the product, and has a lovely appearance. Danze is a trusted manufacturer of kitchen faucets as well, with many different styles, shapes, and colors available through them. This pantry faucet has a chrome finish, which is polished for a reflective, mirror-like appearance.

This is a small faucet, which only generates a single temperature and is made with simplicity in mind. It is an efficient and compact model, which requires only a single mount for installation. The installation process is simple enough that you should be able to do it yourself in less than an hour without the help of a remodeler or plumber.

Danze D152012 Melrose Single Temperature Pantry Faucet, Chrome

Danze D152012 Melrose

  • Danze single hole mount pantry faucet
  • Single temperature hot or cold water faucet
  • 1/2-Inch 14 NPS connection
  • 3.39 pounds weight

The ceramic disc valve prevents drips and is long-lasting, maintaining excellent performance for decades. It only produces a single temperature, hot or cold, which is why it is ideal for pantry use or laundry room use, and should not be used as the main kitchen faucet.

The faucet spout is about eleven inches tall, which provides ample room for tasks such as washing hands or filling a container. The spout swivels, so it is easily pushed out of the way in between use, or while completing tasks in the sink.

Danze is a trusted manufacturer of kitchen faucets who have been in business for many years. They are owned by the company Gerber, which is one of the most trusted manufacturers in the world. The faucet is only made out of high quality materials which are safe to use and certified long-lasting. If the Gerber name is associated with it, you can expect quality that does not cut corners and this faucet is no exception. Danze faucets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes for all of your home needs.


  • Compact and Modern

The design is compact and modern. It fits a one-hole sink perfectly and stands at about eleven inches above the sink at the highest point of the spout. The spout can swivel back and forth, which allows you to push the faucet out of the way when using the sink for other things. It only provides the option for one temperature, which usually is cold as you will be using this faucet for pantry tasks or laundry tasks, and not washing hands or things like that.

  • Chrome Finish

Chrome is popular finish for faucets and other household appliances because when it’s polished it has a beautiful high-gloss finish that is as reflective as a mirror. This bright, reflective surface helps to make the room feel bigger, brighter, and cleaner. Chrome is also easy to clean, and only requires being wiped down with a clean cloth to maintain a beautiful appearance. It is a slightly softer than stainless steel, and is a more luxurious choice as it is shinier and more delicate. However, it does not easily spot, corrode, or rust. Chrome is a durable material that is resistant to wear and tear and won’t be affected by water damage.

  • Elegant Design

The swooping, high-arc curve of the water spout is reminiscent of the curve of a swan’s neck for a graceful and elegant appearance. It is a simple, compact shape that provides enough room for cleaning, without being overwhelming. The spout can swivel so it’s easy to move it out of the way when you’re not using it. This faucet will look great in your pantry or laundry room. It is beautiful, simple, and elegant. The bright chrome combined with the simple, curving body of the piece create a modern elegance perfect for those who love a combination of traditional and contemporary inspirations.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Danze faucets are protected by a limited lifetime guarantee which protects your purchase against parts defects and finish defects among other things. Danze is a reputable manufacturer who only uses high-quality components in the construction of their faucets that will not easily corrode or break even with daily use over decades. To further protect your faucet and give you peace of mind while purchasing, Danze guarantees excellent performance for the lifetime of the product through their limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.


The Danze D152012 Melrose Single Temperature Pantry Faucet is a simple pantry faucet that is easy to install and made out of high-quality materials. It has an elegant, classic appearance which combined with the shiny, modern chrome make it a beautiful addition to any pantry, laundry, or bar space. The sloping, high-arc spout of the faucet looks like the elegant neck of swan. This sink is suitable for both home and commercial uses. It is very easy to install and comes with the necessary components including an easy to read instruction guide.

The faucet is made by Danze who is one of the most trusted manufacturers of kitchen appliances, owned by the company Gerber. They offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of their kitchen faucets, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and have unique features. There is Danze faucet out there for everyone.

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