Danze D150558 Parma Single Handle Bar Faucet Review

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/30/2020

Product Overview

The Danze D150558 Parma Single Handle Bar Faucet is a high-quality commercial faucet by Danze, one of the most reputable manufacturers of faucets in the business. It is certified safe, long-lasting and more energy efficient than other models. It operates at 1.75 gallons per minute and meets the necessary energy-saving requirements. The brass construction of the faucet is durable and strong, with a beautiful high-shine reflective chrome finish.

The shiny chrome finish is beautiful and easy to maintain. It will not easily rust, corrode, or spot. Chrome is a top choice for modern homes because it has a clean, contemporary appearance. When paired with other chrome appliances and accessories it adds a sense of unity in the room, and it brightens up the space.

Gerber D150558 Parma Single Handle Bar Faucet

Gerber Danze D150558 Parma

  • One hole mount
  • 13-1/16 inch high swivel spout
  • 5-3/16 inch spout length
  • 1. 75 GPM flow rate

The installation process is super easy and doesn’t require any messy remodeling or expensive professional plumbers. It connects with a one-hole sink configuration, so it doesn’t take up a ton of counter space either. It has a swiveling spout, which you can move out of the way when you’re not using it. It also has a single-handle with which to control the temperature and flow which is super responsive and easy to use.

This is a great faucet for both home bars and commercial uses. It is a compact design without sacrificing performance. The ceramic disc valve is high-quality, produces a strong stream of water, will not leak, and lasts for decades without needing to be replaced. Old, leaky faucets can cost you a ton of money in utility bills over time, and replacing outdated models in your home or business with a new, more efficient model can help protect the environment and your wallet.


  • Swivelling Spout

The installation process for this product is incredibly easy and once it is installed, there are many convenient aspects of the faucet such as the swivelling spout. The water supply is connected to the sink through a single hole connection, as the body of the faucet requires only a single lever. It doesn’t take up hardly any counter space at all, and when you’re not using the faucet and you need to get it out of the way, it easily swivels when pushed to the side.

  • Certified Efficient

This is a highly efficient model of bar faucet. It operates at 1.75 gallons per minute which is below average, meaning that it saves you more water and more money on your utility bills. It has been tested and proven to meet energy preservation requirements. Choosing an efficient sink is one way to decrease your environmental footprint and save money overall.

  • Shiny Chrome Finish

The body of the faucet is made out of durable and long-lasting brass. Brass is a top choice for the construction of faucets because it lasts for decades without a sign of corrosion or other damage. However, brass isn’t the most beautiful of metals which is why it has been electroplated with aesthetically pleasing and hygienic chrome.

The chrome surface is polished to be as reflective as a mirror, and has an elegant modern appearance. Chrome is a popular choice for contemporary appliances as it as a modern, luxurious appearance. Here are some more Danze kitchen faucets that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes.


  • Not Hands-Free

Hands-free models of kitchen faucets use motion detecting sensors to start and stop the water which is great for preventing the spread of germs and messes. Hands-free models of kitchen faucets are ideal for those with extremely limited hand mobility. They are also a high-tech, cool, and convenient addition to the home or business. However, hands-free motion detecting faucets are more expensive.


The Danze D150558 Parma Single Handle Bar Faucet is a beautiful modern bar faucet that is super easy to install and comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s made out of high-quality parts and materials that will not easily wear and tear. Designed with both beauty and durability in mind, this Danze faucet will last for decades even with minimal maintenance.

It has a high-arc spout with ample room for cleaning, that easily swivels back and forth, saving counter space and optimizing your sink tasks. Inside the spout is a ceramic disc valve which protects the faucet against leaks for a lifetime. The ceramic disc valve is high-quality and will never have to be replaced. The installation process is super easy as well. It integrates easily with existing plumbing for a hassle free experience, and doesn’t require a lot of counter space or time to get set up.

The appearance of the spout is simple and minimalist. It is an elegant addition to a modern home or business. It has all of the great quality and service that you expect from Danze kitchen faucets, all packed into a compact single-handle bar faucet. Danze has a faucet for everyone, and all of their products are certified safe and high-quality. The faucet offers amazing performance for decades, and requires very little maintenance.

The beautiful chrome finish is easy to clean and makes the space look modern and bright. Paired with other chrome accessories, it will look very modern and give a sense of unity in the space. Chrome is highly reflective and shiny, so be sure to wipe it down to get rid of fingerprints and maintain its beautiful sheen. This is a great faucet for modern homes and businesses that want the power and reliability of Danze kitchen faucets in a more compact bar faucet model. Here are some more Danze kitchen faucets.

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