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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/29/2020

Product Overview

The Brita Tap Water Filter System, Water Faucet Filtration System with Filter Change Reminder can attach to any standard kitchen faucet to provide exceptionally clean and great-tasting water from your kitchen tap. No tools are required to install in either, it simply snaps onto the nozzle of the kitchen sink faucet spout.

The body of the filter is a sleek white color with a high-quality shiny finish. It has an indicator light that tells you when it is time to change the filter. When the filter is old and needs to be replaced the light will turn red. The filter is replaceable with one-click, making the whole experience more convenient than ever before.

Replacing water bottles with a high-quality tap filter can help you to greatly reduce your environmental footprint. Using a faucet water filter compared with water bottles, it replaces up to 750 water bottles per filter.

Brita 7540545 On Tap Faucet Water Filter System

Brita Tap Water Filter System 

  • 100 gallons of water per filter
  • White, sleek finish
  • LED indicator light
  • 0.93 Pounds weight

This filter removes 99% of contaminants from drinking water.

Common Contaminants Found in Tap Water

  • Lead

Lead is one of the worst contaminants found in water supplies and can be caused by old pipes that were installed before lead pipes were made illegal. In children and young adults, lead in drinking water has been found to damage the central nervous system, learning disabilities, growth abnormalities, and more.

  • Chlorine

Chlorine is used to clean the water during purification processes but can leave a sour and gross aftertaste. The chlorine content in drinking water has also been linked to certain kinds of cancers and other health issues.

  • Benzene

Benzene can leach into water supplies from landfills or industrial plants and is terrible for your health. Long term exposure to benzene can lead to cancer.

  • Asbestos

While it is unsure whether or not asbestos in drinking water has the same effects as when it is breathed in, many would prefer to not have it in their drinking water.

  • Sediments

Sediments can be found in your drinking water, and while they usually do not affect your health, they can make the water taste nasty. It can also be damaging to your plumbing and appliances.

Importance of Clean Water

Having clean water is essential to the health and well-being of your family. Having great-tasting water is just a bonus because impure drinking water can cause cancer and have life-threatening effects. Even worse, families with children should watch out for lead and chlorine, which can cause learning and growth defects in young children and teens. Using a tap water filter is the most effective way to ensure clean water for your family's safety.

  • Prevent cancer and growth defects from dangerous contaminants.
  • Clean water tastes better and is better for you.
  • Filters are a more efficient solution to clean drinking water.


Easy to Install

It clicks right onto any standard kitchen faucet and doesn’t require any additional tools. It has a sleek, modern appearance that doesn’t take up a bunch of space in the kitchen. The installation process takes only a few moments, and you can enjoy up to 100 gallons of water per one BPA free filter.

  • Snaps on to regular standard kitchen faucets.
  • White, sleek finish and LED indicator light.
  • 100 gallons of water per filter.

Environmentally Conscious

80% of water bottles end up in landfills and take up to 700 years to dissolve. Many water bottles end up in the ocean where they pose a threat to aquatic ecosystems and the overall health of the world. Water bottles are the least efficient and most wasteful solution to clean drinking water in all of the time. With this Brita filter, you can save up to $1000 a year, replacing 750 water bottles with just one Brita filter.

  • 80% of water bottles end up in landfills.
  • Water bottles take at least 700 years to dissolve.
  • Brita filters can save you $1000 a year.
  • One filter replaces 750 water bottles.

Great-Tasting Water

Picky water drinker? You will love the way the water tastes from this high-quality Brita filtration system. The filter removes 99% of chlorine as well as sediments and impurities that make water taste “off”. You will be encouraged to drink more water and will be saving money in doing so, as water bottles and other beverages are inefficient and wasteful.

  • Removes chlorine, which gives tap water a sour taste.
  • Removes sediments and other impurities.
  • Water tastes clean and fresh.


Only Comes w/ One Filter

You will need to replace the filter on this filtration system at least every 4 months, or every 100 gallons of water. In the box, you get one filtration system, one dispenser, and one filter. You will need to buy additional filters as replacements.


One of the cool features of this faucet water filter compared to others is the LED filter indicator light that senses when the filter needs to be replaced and indicates via a red light. This is super helpful for maintaining the filtration system for consistently pure water. This filter system is super easy to install and made out of long-lasting, durable materials.

Brita is one of the most reputable and respected manufacturers of water filters, and this filter is no exception to the superior quality and performance you have come to expect from Brita. The Brita Tap Water Filter System, Water Faucet Filtration System with Filter Change Reminder is made to easily and quickly turn any standard kitchen faucet into a source of consistently pure, clean, and great tasting drinking water.

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