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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/23/2020

Product Overview

This faucet has a clean and modern design that would look great in nearly any kitchen. The gooseneck is a high arc and the sprayer head doubles as the faucet outlet. You can undock the faucet quickly from the magnetic clamp without any trouble. The clamp holds the faucet firmly, but not so tightly that you can’t release it with one hand. The finish on the faucet is a spot-resistant Satin Nickel that easily wipes clean

The sprayer and faucet are made of solid brass with a flexible steel spring. The internal workings are a cartridge assembly with ceramic disc parts. This faucet has a generous 2.2 gallon per minute flowrate for increased cleaning power and fast fill-ups of your pitchers and cookware. The top of the spigot is 22 inches above the installation deck, while the spigot has a7-1/2 inch clearance. The spigot is also 8-5/8 inches from the centerline of the base.

Blanco 441332 Semi-Pro, 2.2 GPM, Satin Nickel Kitchen Faucet

Blanco Semi Pro - 441332 

  • Award Winning Design
  • Magnetic Docking
  • Solid Brass Body
  • Easy to Install

The sprayer has two settings: spray and stream. When turned off, the setting will automatically default back to a stream, so you don’t have to worry about resetting it. This faucet is meant to be installed in a single-hole sink mount and doesn’t have an escutcheon available to convert a three-hole system. If you have multiple holes on your sink, hole caps can be used to cover and protect the unused ones.

This faucet has a limited lifetime warranty from Blanco, which covers the ceramic cartridge, parts, and the finish. As long as you own the home the faucet is installed in, the warranty will cover the faucet and Blanco will provide replacement parts. The warranty does not cover shipping or labor, and doesn’t cover faucets that are in a non-residential establishment.

Four Must-Have Features for any Kitchen Faucet

Sometimes it seems that there must be as many different models of kitchen faucets as there are houses. So when you’re shopping for one, they all seem to blend together. So what should you look for? Here are four things that are must-haves for your next kitchen faucet. There are a lot of different features to kitchen faucets, but these are the four that we think are the most important.

  1. Ceramic Valves – Nobody wants to have a faucet that leaks. And in general, most faucets will work for years without leaking. But the longest lasting faucets will have ceramic valves. It doesn’t matter if you have a cartridge, ball, or disc type, make sure that the valve portions are made of ceramic. The best part is that ceramic valves usually don’t add any cost to your faucet.
  2. Pull Down Sprayer – You definitely want a sprayer with your next kitchen faucet. But sprayers come in two different styles. There are side-sprayers, which are mounted in a different hole. But those types of sprayers are prone to leaks and they can dribble when you least expect. Don’t put yourself through that hassle and get a pull down sprayer. These sprayers are installed as the outlet to your faucet. You detach it and it has a hose that lets you use it like you would any other sprayer. There are no additional parts to install and using it becomes second nature.
  3. Single handle – Older faucets usually have two handles; one for hot and one for cold. So if you want warm water, you have to play the fiddle game as you adjust one handle, then the other, until you get the water temperature you want. Single handle faucets adjust the temperature by how you move the handle in a rotating arc. Want it colder? Move the handle a little to the back. Need hotter water? Move it more towards you. Additionally, the installation for a two-handle faucet is more complicated and more difficult, especially if your sink doesn’t have much room between it and the wall.
  4. The Right Finish – Make sure you get the right finish. And by that, we mean get one that matches your kitchen highlights, drawer pulls, and cabinet handles. Keep in mind, however, that not all finishes are created equally. Chrome is the easiest to clean and the most durable. The attractive shine is easy to restore whenever you need. Nickel and bronze finishes are usually a coating. And even though the coating is tough, if your kitchen sees heavy traffic and use, the finish can be scratched or nicked. If you do go with nickel or bronze, make sure you opt for a coating that will help make them stain resistant.


We know that any kitchen faucet purchase isn’t one that you should take lightly. That’s why we provide unbiased in-depth reviews to help make your purchase decisions easier. These feature lists are meant to give you an easy way to compare and contrast different models.

  • 2.2 gpm flowrate
  • Satin Nickel finish
  • Single-handle cartridge system
  • Single-hole mount
    • No escutcheon for multiple-hole installation
  • Spout Clearance: 7.5 inches
  • Spout Reach: 8.625 inches
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


This is an exceptional faucet choice for anyone looking for a top rated commercial style faucet to spice up their kitchen. An increased flow rate and a brushed nickel finish that will match nearly any décor are just two of the features that make this faucet a great purchase. If you aren’t completely sold on this Blanco, then we have numerous other reviews and buying guides to help you make the best decision for your home. Let us help you make your shopping easier.

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