10 Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets – [Best-Sellers Features Compared]

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 03/19/2021

Touchless kitchen faucets are a key invention in kitchen hardware, as a powerful tool against the spread of germs and disease. If you're looking for a touchless kitchen faucet for your home or business, this handy guide can help you figure out what features you need and which faucet is right for you.

Touchless Kitchen Faucet Reviews

We've reviewed some of the best touchless kitchen faucets on the market, and added a list of the main things you need to know about touchless, how touchless faucets work, and how to get the best touchless kitchen faucet for you.

#1 The Winner

Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Touch2O and ShieldSpray Technology

Delta Faucet Leland - 9178T-AR-DST

  • Pull-Down Sprayer
  • Touch2O and ShieldSpray Technology
  • Tempsense LED Light
  • Magnetic Docking
  • Two Spray Functions - Powerful Spray

This faucet isn't exactly touchless: it's a touch faucet, which means that you just touch anywhere on the faucet to start the flow of water. So if you have dirty hands, you can use your wrist or forearm to start the flow of water. Because this faucet doesn’t use motion sensor technology, it can be easier for elderly people or kids to use.

It has an LED indicator light that displays the water temperature, which helps to prevent accidental scalds from hot water. The spray nozzle is pull-down as well, which means that it can be extended via a durable and flexible metal hose. When not in use, the spray nozzle sits flush with the faucet and is held in place with a powerful magnet. The spray wand has multiple settings including a powerful high-pressure spray which easily cuts through tough dirt.

Delta uses patented Diamond Seal technology which reduces leak points and effectively doubles the lifetime of this faucet. You can expect a lifetime of excellent performance out of this product, which is also backed by Delta’s lifetime guarantee which protects against parts and finish defects. It is made out of high-quality materials that art built to last. It comes with everything you need to get started with installation in a 3-hole sink including the necessary plumbing connections.

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  • Made for a three-hole, eight-inch installation.
  • 1.8 GPM flow rate.
  • Comes with everything needed for easy installation.
  • “Arctic Stainless”, high-quality stainless steel finished protected by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Lifetime warranty on faucet and finish.
  • Pull-out spray nozzle for extended range.
  • Touch on/touch off.
  • Diamond Seal Technology tested for 500,000 leak-free uses.
  • LED indicator light.
  • Magnetic dock for spray nozzle.
  • Multiple spray settings and 90% less splatter.

#2 Runner Up

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense Two-Sensor Touchless One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen Arbor - 7594ESRS

  • Power Clean Spray Technology
  • Spot Resist Stainless Finish
  • Two Sensors
  • Variety of Finishes
  • ADA Compliant

This touchless kitchen faucet from Moen has a beautiful brushed stainless steel finish which has a soft-matte gray metallic color. The surface is resistant to spots, fingerprints, and all kinds of surface build-up so the sink faucet stays looking beautiful for longer. This faucet has two motion sensors installed which easily detect and start the flow of water. 

The faucet has a spray setting with 50% more power than other pull-down Moen luxury kitchen faucets. You can easily toggle between the spray, rinse, and pause settings with the touch of a button.

It has a pull-down spray nozzle which is on the end of a metal hose for an extended reach. The hose can easily maneuver to reach hard to clean spots, and with the magnetic docking system it will never droop and will always return to its place flush with the spout for a clean looking sink area. It has a stainless steel finish which is both hygienic and beautiful. It is highly resistant to all kinds of surface build-up.

This touchless kitchen faucet can be installed in one-hole or three-hole sink and comes with the necessary docking plate for a multi-hole sink. It's super easy to install and comes with all the necessary plumbing connections that you will need. It should only take about an hour for this modern kitchen faucet to be 100% set up, and once it is it is guaranteed a lifetime of excellent performance by Moen’s factory warranty—included free with the purchase.

High quality, a beautiful finish and a reliable brand put this faucet near the top of our list of the best touchless kitchen faucets.

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  • Two sensors that start the flow of water automatically.
  • 1.5 GPM flow rate.
  • Easy installation, comes with everything needed.
  • PowerClean feature increases spray power by 50%.
  • Certified safe and long-lasting.
  • Durable brass construction with high-quality stainless steel finish.
  • Faucet and finish backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Made for one-hole or three-hole sinks.
  • Includes deckplate for three-hole sinks.

#3 Best Luxury Option

Moen 5923EWSRS Align

Moen Align - 5923EWSRS

  • Power Clean Spray Technology
  • Duralock Quick Connect System
  • Spot-Resist Finish
  • Single Sensor
  • 360° Swivel

Moen is one of the best brands for kitchen faucets and the Align touchless faucet is no exception to the quality of craftsmanship you have come to expect from this trusted manufacturer. This faucet has a high-arc which gives plenty of room for cleaning while the use of a single-handle makes it more compact and suitable for installation in all sorts of settings.

The Align is a very versatile faucet with super easy installation. The connections are included with the box and it takes less than thirty minutes to get completely set up. Once the faucet is installed you are guaranteed excellent performance for a lifetime with Moen’s lifetime extended warranty.

This sensor kitchen faucet has one highly responsive sensor which starts and stops the water automatically for convenience. It also has a high-quality spot-resistant stainless steel finish which is both clean and hygienic as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Stainless steel is popular for modern style sinks because it is shiny and reflective.

It has a dramatic appearance with a very high-arc and unique spring designed spout. The pull out spray nozzle is very responsive and extends for a further reach. You can easily clean large pots and pans as well as reach hard to clean spots with this spray nozzle.

If you're prepared to spend a little more for a distinctive style and unbeatable quality, the Moen Align may just be the best touchless kitchen sink faucet for you.

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  • PowerClean feature for 50% more water pressure.
  • 1.5 GPM flow rate.
  • Pull-down nozzle docked via powerful magnet.
  • Multiple spray settings with the touch of a button.
  • Easy to install for beginners.
  • Duralock installation system.
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • One sensor for motion activation.

#4 Runner Up - Luxury

KOHLER K-72218-B7-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless

KOHLER Sensate K-72218-VS

  • Magnetic Docking
  • State of the Art Sensor
  • Battery Free
  • Corrosion and Wear Resistant
  • Masterclean Sprayface

This touchless kitchen faucet has a highly sensitive and responsive pull-down spray nozzle which smoothly moves and returns to its docking position via a powerful magnet. The pull-down spray nozzle has multiple settings which makes it easier than ever to take care of all your kitchen tasks, dishes, and more. It has a durable metal hose which extends to give the spray wand a further reach.

The high-quality stainless steel finish is slightly brighter and lighter gray than traditional stainless steel, but still has all the great benefits such as resilience to fingerprints, spots, mineral buildup, germs, and all kinds of scratches or damage.

This faucet's state of the art motion sensor technology starts and stops the water automatically in 20 milliseconds. It has protections in place which prevents accidental tripping of the motion detectors, saving you water over time. This touchless faucet is a great way to reduce your water consumption, and has a beautiful modern appearance.

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  • Precision activation window for fewer false activations.
  • 1.8 GPM flow rate.
  • Magnetic docking system so the nozzle never dangles.
  • Multiple spray settings on the spray head.
  • Stainless steel finish is both beautiful and durable.
  • Made to last out of high-quality components.
  • Starts in 20 milliseconds.
  • Easy to clean finish.
  • Flexible nozzle makes it easy to clean anything.

#5 Best Budget

Forious Touchless Faucet

Forious Touchless

  • Concealed Sensor
  • Copper Construction
  • Two Spray Functions
  • 360° Swivel Sprayer
  • Needs 4 AA Batteries

This touchless kitchen faucet has a super high-arc which gives plenty of room for cleaning large pots and pans. You can use the handle to control whether or not the faucet is touchless or normal, and having the option to turn off the sensors is great. The state of the art sensors start and stop the flow of water automatically without you having to touch the handles.

The spray head is attached to the end of a durable metal hose which gives an extended range of motion. When not in use it snaps back into place flush with the faucet via a powerful magnet. This touchless kitchen faucet also automatically starts the high-pressure spray feature when you pull down the nozzle, and you can toggle back and forth between the spray modes with the press of a button. The spout and spray head swivel 360 degrees.

It is made out of high-quality materials that are certified safe and long-lasting. It has a copper construction with a bronzed nickel finish. Bronzed nickel is a warmer and softer metallic than stainless steel or chrome. Combined with the modern, luxury look of this touchless kitchen faucet is a unique and timeless charm.

This motion sensor kitchen faucet is super easy to install and comes with all the necessary plumbing connections. Batteries have a two-year lifespan, saving you even more time and money. You can extend the lifespan even more by shutting off the touchless feature when you don’t need it. You can install this touchless faucet in just ten minutes, even if you have no experience with home improvement.

This could be the best touchless kitchen sink faucet for you if you're on a limited budget but want great features, and don't mind trusting a smaller brand.

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  • Spray setting starts automatically when you pull-down spray nozzle.
  • 1.8 GPM flow rate.
  • Spray head and faucet swivel 360 degrees for extended reach.
  • Certified safe and long-lasting.
  • High-quality materials including copper construction with brushed nickel finish.
  • High-arc spout gives plenty of room for cleaning.
  • Long-lasting batteries need replacing only every two years.

#6 Runner Up Budget

RunFine RF412001 Deck Plate Brushed Nickel Single Handle Pull Down Automatic Kitchen Sink Faucet

RunFine RF412001

  • Single Handle
  • Innovative Dual-Mode Sensor
  • Spot Resistant Finish
  • Ceramic Cartridge
  • Optional Non-Sensor Mode

One of the best things about this modern touchless kitchen faucet from RunFine is how easy it is to install. It is a great faucet for home improvers looking for a faucet for DIY installation. It can be powered using AC or a battery pack. It has single-handle and can be installed in a one-hole sink or a three-hole sink. Included with the purchase is an optional baseplate for installation in a three-hole sink.

The touchless faucet and deckplate are both made out of high-quality brushed nickel, which is a popular finish for kitchen faucets because it is both durable and beautiful. Brushed nickel has a warmer and homier look than a polished stainless steel or chrome.

This touchless kitchen faucet has a smart water saving system which cuts the faucet off automatically after several minutes of inactivity. It also has an advanced motion sensor system which starts and stops the flow of water faster than other touchless systems. You can disable the touchless mode, which is handy for when you’re going out of town and want to prevent accidental activation while you’re away. 

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  • Easy to install-plumbing connections included.
  • Deckplate included for multi-hole installation.
  • Smart saving system stops water flow after three minutes of inactivity.
  • Powered using batteries or AC.
  • Pull-down spray head with multiple settings.
  • High-quality easy to clean finish.
  • Option to disable touchless function.

#7 Best Value

Delta Faucet Essa Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

Delta Faucet Essa 9113T-AR-DST

  • Delta Touch2O Technology
  • Tempsense LED Light
  • Diamond Seal Technology
  • MagnaTite Docking System
  • 3 AA Batteries Required

This beautiful stainless steel faucet by Delta is made to last. It is made out of only the highest quality materials and backed by Delta’s lifetime guarantee. It's a single touch faucet instead of touchless which means that instead of using a motion sensor, you simply touch anywhere on the faucet to activate the flow of water. It also has a single handle for controlling the water flow. It has a pull down spray head which extends via a metal hose to offer a further reach for cleaning hard to reach messes. It makes doing the dishes a breeze compared with old, traditional kitchen faucets.

It has Delta’s patented Diamond Seal technology which is tested and guaranteed a lifetime of leak-free performance. You can expect to get decades of excellent performance out of any Delta faucet. It is also super easy to install and can be completed in less than thirty minutes by even the least experienced home improvers. It comes with the deck plate you would need for a three-hole sink or it easily integrates with a one-hole configured sink.

The stainless steel finish is high-quality and is resistant to spots, fingerprints, germs, and mineral build-up. It is also super easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe it down with a clean cloth, no scrubbing or chemicals required. Stainless steel is also extremely durable and does not easily scratch, wear, or tear even with extended use.

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  • Pull-down spray head is docked magnetically on the spout.
  • 1.8 GPM flow rate
  • Dramatic high-arc neck spout gives ample room for cleaning.
  • Single-touch activation--touch anywhere on the faucet to start water.
  • Messy hands? Use a forearm to touch on the water.
  • Stainless steel finish is highly resistant to all kinds of damage.
  • Multiple settings including high-pressure spray for cleaning.

#8 Other Great Options

Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney Motion Sense One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen Delandey - 87359E2SRS

  • Spot Resistant Finish
  • Motion Sense
  • Single Handle
  • Pull-Down Design
  • Duralock Quick Connect System

This touchless kitchen faucet has an advanced Motion Sense system which starts and stops the flow of water automatically. It is a powerful solution for all your kitchen tasks. The high arc of the spout has an elegant appearance and gives ample room for cleaning. You can easily pull-down and return the spray head from its docking point to easily reach hard to clean spots. It is easy to install and use this faucet, and it's backed by a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, Moen, so you can be sure that this is a touchless kitchen faucet that's made to last.

The faucet has a stainless steel finish which is beautiful and hygienic. It is also highly resistant to fingerprints, spots, mineral deposits, and more. It has a long-lasting shine and is super easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe down the faucet with a clean cloth to keep it functioning and looking its best.

It has a high-quality ceramic disc cartridge which is tested and certified for a lifetime of leak-free performance. Duralock is the name for the patented system of installation and connections that Moen uses for their faucets. With the Duralock system the faucet can be installed in less than ten minutes without the use of any tools. Everything you need is included for a one or three hole installation.

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  • Duralock quick connect system for easy installation.
  • Pull-down spray head with multiple settings.
  • Tested and certified both safe and long-lasting.
  • Guaranteed lifetime of excellent performance.
  • Stainless steel finish that is resistant to spots and damage.
  • MotionSense technology automatically starts and stops water.
  • One-hole or three-hole installation with everything included w/ purchase.

Moen 87350ESRS Haysfield Motion Sense One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet, Spot Resist Stainless

Moen Haysfield - 87350ESRS

  • Spot Resistant Finish
  • Motion Sense
  • Single Handle
  • Pull-Down Design
  • Duralock Quick Connect System

This high-tech touchless kitchen faucet features multiple motion sensors which easily detect motion to start and stop the water without ever having to touch the faucet. This makes doing all sorts of kitchen tasks more convenient. This faucet by Moen is backed by their lifetime guarantee which protects your purchase against any sort of defects and guarantees leak-free performance. All of the parts are certified safe and long-lasting.

It has a high-arc spout with an elegant look that gives tons of room for cleaning and other tasks. The spray nozzle has multiple settings which makes it super easy to do any sort of cleaning. It also has strong reflexes so it smoothly moves and docks back in place via magnet.

It has a stainless steel, spotless finish which is resistant to scratches, fingerprints, and corrosion. This faucet will not easily rust, corrode, or break, even after decades of use. It is engineered for both beauty and performance, and has been tested and proven to be an efficient and leak-free faucet.

This faucet is super easy to install, and uses Duralock, a system patented by Moen. Duralock allows the sink to be installed using your existing plumbing connections and the parts included with your purchase and only takes about thirty minutes or less.

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  • Spot-resistant stainless steel finish.
  • Multiple motion sensors start and stop the water flow.
  • Duralock for quick connection and speedy installation.
  • Pull-down nozzle with multiple spray settings.
  • Reflex system for smooth motion.

Touchless Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Touchless Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Things to Look For

Looking for the right touchless kitchen faucet for your home, but not sure where to start? We've laid out some of the key things you should look for here. 

  • Compatibility

When choosing the right kitchen faucet for your kitchen, the first thing you should consider is the specifications of your kitchen sink. Different kinds of kitchen sink require different kinds of faucet. For example, a basin style sink that sits above the counter requires a different kind of faucet than one that is built into the counter.

Additionally, sinks have holes built into them that allow for water connections to be made to the faucet. A kitchen faucet can need anywhere between one and four holes on an average sink, and can be spaced out at different ratios, so be sure to measure and double check the compatibility of your sink with your desired touchless kitchen faucet.

  • Finish and Quality

As with anything else in life, what is the cheapest may not always be the best. This holds for touchless faucets as well. Choosing a high-quality faucet over a cheaply made faucet will ensure that you will have the outstanding results you want for decades to come.

Touchless kitchen faucets that lack in quality and craftsmanship may easily break, corrode, and leak. Choose a faucet from a reputable manufacturer that only uses high-quality materials such as solid brass and stainless steel. The sink faucet should be made only out of materials that are certified safe and lead-free.

There are many different kinds of finishes available for touchless kitchen faucets. The finish is the metallic coating that is electroplating onto the brass body of the sink for a long-lasting shine and a hygienic, smooth surface. The best touchless faucet finish will not easily corrode, spot, or rust and may even have multiple layers and extensive chemical processes it goes through to ensure long-lasting results.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a top choice for both health and food environments because it is one of the most hygienic metals available. Germs, soap, scum, and mineral buildup do not stick to the surface of stainless steel and can be easily wiped away with the swipe of a finger.

Stainless steel is also one of the most durable finishes, and is highly resistant to all kinds of surface damage such as rust, corrosion, scratches, and dings in the metal. Stainless steel can be brushed or polished for a high-shine or soft-matte texture, and is usually a medium gray metallic color.


Chrome is a top pick for modern, luxury homes because it has a very reflective, mirror-like surface when polished. Brushed chrome is also beautiful and gives off a luxurious vibe as it is a soft-matte, velvety texture which is both sleek and warmer than the polished variety.

The color of chrome is a lighter shade of silver than that of stainless steel. It is also softer than stainless steel, and requires more care. It is mostly popular for its beautiful and modern looking sheen, and it’s luxurious properties. It is also hygienic and easy to clean.

Brushed Nickel

In contrast with stainless steel or chrome, brushed nickel has a much warmer and homier look. Those who love the traditionally inspired will enjoy the rustic, warm metallic texture of brushed nickel. Brushed nickel falls somewhere in between the colors of steel and bronze, with a warm gray tone, accentuated by the soft-matte texture of the brushed surface.

Brushed nickel gives an antique look to the room, especially paired with vintage decor. It can also be an interesting way to add a hint of elegant timelessness to a contemporary space without being outright antique about the design choices. Brushed nickel kitchen faucets look best when paired with other kitchen accessories in a matching finish.


Bronze finishes can range from anywhere from a copper color to an almost black brown with and have a distinctly vintage vibe to them. The dark, warm browns of bronze looks great in stark contrast with the whites of the sink and other bathroom utilities. Bronze is also a great choice for kitchens with wooden paneling or dark colored walls, who don’t want a shiny gray metal that clashes with the warm, natural tones. An oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet has an almost black bronze color.

There are high-quality finishes available in a variety of colors and textures to suit all of your interior design requirements, but the most important thing is to choose a finish that is safe and durable. A high-quality finish will not contain any harmful chemicals or lead, and it should be able to withstand years of use without showing signs of aging.

  • Number of Sensors and Accuracy

This is one of the most important features to look out for when buying a kitchen faucets. Touchless kitchen faucets use motion detecting sensors to start and stop the water flow, minimizing the necessity of touching the handle which stops the spread of germs and messes. There are many benefits including saving water and saving time, but both of these aspects can be affected by how many sensors and how accurate those sensors are. Having one super accurate motion sensor is better than having many incompentent sensors, but in general having a higher number of sensors (assuming they are all accurate and high-quality) is best.

The faucet sensor should start with the swipe of a hand or dish, you should never have to sit there waving your hand around waiting for the motion sensor to pick up on it. You also don’t want your sensors to be triggered too easily, being set off by the slightest movements in the room, starting the flow of water, and wasting resources (running up your utility bills!). You should compare the number of sensors and the accuracy of the different models of touchless faucets to find the one that is best for you.

  • Flow Rate

The flow rate of the faucet depends on several things, such as if there is a maximum GPM (gallons per minute) set, if the flow of water is aerated or not, and what settings the faucet has. If a faucet has an aerated flow then it generally saves more water overall because the water is mixed with air for a steady, high-pressure water source that is more water conservative without sacrificing the performance of the water.

Choosing a kitchen faucet with a flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute or below will help you to reduce the amount of water you use--saving you money and reducing your environmental footprint. Wasting water is detrimental to the environment as harvesting groundwater reservoirs and other natural resources for tap water takes up a lot of energy and can be deadly for our local ecosystems. There is also no reason to run up your water bill more than it needs to be, and choosing a faucet that has a limited flow rate without sacrificing quality is important.

  • Pull Down or Fixed Spout

In the past, all kitchen faucets had a fixed spout that provided a steady source of water from an unmovable source. That's all changed now, and some of the most popular and best-selling contemporary faucets have a pull down spout. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a pull down spout may be a game-changer.

A pull down spout gives the faucet added convenience as it has an extended range granted to it by the flexible metal hose. This added range makes it easier than ever to reach hard to clean messes on your pots and pans. Some spouts even have multiple settings for both spraying and rinsing.

However, one of the benefits of a fixed spout is that sometimes a pull down faucet will eventually hang limp off the spout and into the sink. This doesn’t look very nice, and makes the space disorganized. To avoid this happening with a kitchen faucet with pull down spout, be sure to choose a pull down spray nozzle that is connected using a powerful magnet connection, as a magnet will never lose its pull and let the spray nozzle hang.

  • Hose Length

For a pull-down kitchen faucet, the spray nozzle is attached to the end of a durable and flexible metal hose, which extends the spray wands reach for a greater cleaning range. The length of the hose will determine how far the water can reach. For large pot and pans a longer hose length may be needed. The hose should bend easily to reach hard to clean spots, but also be strong enough to withstand decades of heavy use.

Hoses range in length between one and two feet long. When the spray wand isn’t being used, it should easily slide back into place. The hose should retract back into the faucet with ease, allowing the spray wand to sit flush with the spout until next use. Generally, a longer hose is preferable.

  • AC Power or Batteries

If you have a power connection under you sink, you should look into finding a sink that uses AC power, or that doesn’t use batteries, because it will save you money overtime. If you choose a sink that uses batteries, then choose rechargeable batteries instead to save the most money.

There are pros and cons to both AC power and batteries, but if you don’t have an electrical connection under your sink you may be stuck with the battery option. Most touchless kitchen faucets come with some batteries to get you started, and shouldn’t require the batteries to be replaced frequently if they are energy efficient models.

Some faucets may require the sink's batteries to be replaced even up to several times a month, but an energy efficient faucet will need to be replaced much less often than that. Even if you plan on using rechargeable batteries, you should try to choose the most efficient model available to save time and battery life. You don’t want to be constantly recharging batteries for your kitchen faucet.

  • Docking Method

Different models of sinks require different docking methods. Docking refers to the process of installing the new faucet into the sink using the existing holes built in to the sink or counter for water connections.

There are one-hole sinks, three-hole sinks, four-hole sinks, and more. One-hole sinks may not require any sort of docking at all. However, a three hole sink will probably require some sort of baseplate to install a new, modern faucet as they are generally more space conservative and only require a one-hole installation, while most traditional sinks have three holes.

Some kitchen faucets come with the necessary plumbing connections included, but others require you to purchase a decking plate separately. For the best results, choose a decking plate that is from the same brand and in a matching finish as your faucet.

  • Cost and Warranty

If you’re paying extra for a luxury quality kitchen faucet, be sure that you’re protected by a great warranty as well. Most companies offer at least a one-year warranty, and many offer lifetime limited warranties that guarantee excellent performance for the lifetime of the product.

The Benefits of a Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Why are hands-free faucets so popular? The main reason is that they are powerful at preventing the spread of germs through the faucet handle. Did you know that your kitchen faucet handle can be one of the dirtiest places in the house? This is due to the moist environment and the constant touching with dirty hands.

When you touch the faucet’s handles with dirty fingers before you wash your hands and then have to turn the faucet back off with your hands, the germs are just transferred right back to you! With a touchless kitchen faucet you can go completely hands-free, greatly reducing the spread of mess and germs via the faucet.

  • Hands-Free Operation

Messy hands? No problem! With a high-quality motion detecting hands-free kitchen faucet, you can simply wave a hand or dish under or around the faucet to automatically start the water flow, giving you a cleansing stream without ever transferring the mess onto the faucet handles. The hands-free operation of touchless faucets makes all of your kitchen cleaning tasks easier than ever. Washing your hands and doing the dishes become much easier processes because you’re eliminating a whole step!

Look out for a water temperature limit or a temperature indicator to prevent accidental burns from hot water. For those with limited hand mobility, using a motion detecting sensor faucet can increase autonomy in the home. A hands-free faucet will encourage your family to use less water, and wash your hands more often!

  • Hygienic

The most powerful benefit of a hands-free faucet is that is stops the spread of germs via the faucet handles. Touching the faucet handles with dirty hands risks re-contaminating your hands when you turn the water back off. Doctors and parents both agree that hands-free or touchless kitchen faucets are a far more hygienic solution.

  • Controlled Water Flow

Using a faucet with an aerated flow of water will help to reduce the environmental impact of the water usage, as aerated water has air added to increase the pressure while decreasing the amount of water actually used. New faucets are also being made with limited gallons per minute. The average faucet uses about 2.2 gallons per minute, so with anything less than that you’re doing well. Watersense certified faucets use at least 20% less water than traditional faucets.

  • Reduces Water Wastage

The good news is that you'll likely see results right away when your next water bill shows up after installing a touchless kitchen faucet.

In the past, to reduce water wastage some manufacturers created “spring faucets” which barely allowed you to clean one hand at a time before the spring popped up and the water cut off. With a touchless faucet, the motion sensors automatically cut the water on and off when you move away from it, so you save a significant amount of water. 

Top Touchless Kitchen Faucet Brands

Hands Free Touchless Kitchen Faucet Brands
  • Delta

Delta creates kitchen faucets and accessories that are timeless, modern, beautiful, and efficient. Each Delta faucet is engineered for beauty and performance and backed by Delta’s lifetime guarantee. Unique to Delta is their MagnaTite docking system which uses a super powerful magnet to hold the faucet nozzle in place. They also have patented Diamond Seal technology which is tested and certified to give 2x as many leak-free operations as other faucets, including their touchless faucets.

  • Moen

Moen faucets comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes for both home and commercial use. Their faucets are backed by a lifetime guarantee on the finish and faucet. They only use the highest quality materials in the construction of their products. They use a patented Duralock installation system which makes it incredibly easy to install their faucets in your home without the help of a professional.

  • Kohler

Kohler products are available in a wide range of finishes and styles. Kohler is one of the oldest companies on the list, having been around since 1873, and has a reputation for dependable and high-performance products. Their range of standard, touch, and touchless faucets includes something for everyone, including eco-friendly kitchen faucet options available.

  • Pfister

Pfister products come with a lifetime warranty so when you buy a Pfister faucet you can be sure that it is a faucet that will have long-lasting performance. Pfister is dedicated to making high-quality faucets available to everyone. Their faucets have some of the most innovative new features.

  • Grohe

Grohe is another reputable company that only makes certified safe and long-lasting products. Their kitchen faucets come in a wide variety of styles and each have their own unique features. Buying a high quality, touchless faucet from Grohe will guarantee your household or business a lifetime of excellent performance.

Touchless FaucetsMaterial Flow Rate No. Of Holes No. of HandlesRating
Delta Faucet Leland Brass1.8 GPM 319
Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Metal 1.5 GPM118
KOHLER K-72218-VS SensateMetal 1.8 GPM 118
Moen 5923EWSRSStainless1.5 GPM 119
Delta Faucet Essa Bronze 1.8 GPM 319
Pfister GT529-FLS LitaN/A1.8 GPM118
RunFine RF412001ZincN/A3110
Moen 87359E2SRS DelaneyStainless N/A418


Touchless kitchen faucets are a more hygienic, convenient, and money-saving solution to a reliable water source in the kitchen. For those with limited hand mobility, a hands-free faucet also offers added autonomy in the home, as it allows you to control water temperature and flow with just a wave of the hand. With prices also becoming more reasonable as technology progresses, a touchless kitchen faucet could be a great accessory upgrade for your next home improvement project. 

We hope this guide has helped you see some of the benefits of touchless faucets, and given you a shortlist of the best touchless kitchen faucets for your needs. If you're still on the fence about the move to motion-activated, you can also check out some of our other kitchen faucet reviews to see alternatives. Happy shopping!

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