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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 12/28/2020

Product Overview

The American Standard 4175300.002 Colony Soft 1 Handle High Arc Pull Down Kitchen Faucet is made out of beautiful polished chrome. The curvature of the high-arc faucet stem (about fifteen inches tall) is simple and beautiful. These top rated faucets are built to be both visually beautiful and functionally powerful. It’s made by a trusted manufacturer of kitchen appliances that offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their products.

It is most suitable for one-hole setups. It has a single pivoting handle that controls the temperature and water flow. It is very easy to use and complies with the standards set by Americans with disabilities. The pull-down nozzle is highly sensitive to motion and easily reaches hard to clean spots. When not in use the nozzle snaps back into place with the stem and will never hang loosely as it’s held in place by a powerful magnet.

The material is very shiny. It is easy to maintain the appearance by regularly wiping down the surface with a clean cloth. No expensive chemical cleaners or soaking is required. It doesn’t only look clean and shiny but is made out of more hygienic than other kitchen faucets. It is a versatile design that is ideal for a variety of kitchen set-ups. It will not distract from any of the other kitchen decorations but instead enhance the space. It looks best when paired with other chrome kitchen appliances.

American Standard 4175300.002 Colony Soft 1 Handle High Arc Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

American Standard 4175300.002 Colony

  • 1.5 GPM Polished Chrome
  • Metal lever handle
  • Brass swivel spout
  • Memory Position Valving


  • Easy Installation

The installation process is easy enough for even the most beginner of home improvers to handle. It will not require a plumber or messy remodeling. It comes with everything you need to install the faucet, including an easy to read the instruction manual. Online you can find additional resources to help guide the process, such as visual aids and tutorial videos.

  • Simple and Beautiful Appearance

The faucet is made out of beautiful polished chrome and has a sleek, minimalistic appearance. It is the perfect kitchen faucet for a modern home. When paired with other chrome, or other silver polished metals, it creates a sense of unity in the space. It requires only one hole to install, so you will have even more counter space around your sink.

  • Lifetime Performance Guarantee

When you purchase a faucet from American Standard you can rest assured that it is a product that will perform with excellent for a lifetime. Parts defects are covered by the warranty. The function of this product is outstanding. It provides powerful cleaning potential, maintains your preferred temperature, and has a cleaning nozzle that easily snaps back into place. The only maintenance required is to wipe it down with a clean cloth to prevent mineral build-up and mildew.

  • Pulldown Nozzle

The pulldown nozzle has an adjustable spray nozzle that also has a pause button. Pausing the nozzle will stop the water flow temporarily without having to touch the handle, so your temperature will stay the same and you’ll save time. It also will help you to save water because you won’t have to leave the water running when you’re busy cleaning and doing other tasks in the kitchen. The nozzle has a high-pressure setting for cleaning tough spots and a setting for a steady flow of water that rinses.


  • Not Hands-Free

One of the best technological advances in kitchen appliances has been the integration of motion sensors. Hands-free kitchen faucets allow the faucets flow of water to be turned off and on with only a motion of a hand or dish. Hands-free faucets have tons of benefits, but are not suitable for all homes and cost more. You should choose one that is right for your family's needs.


The American Standard 4175300.002 Colony Soft 1 Handle High Arc Pull Down Kitchen Faucet is both beautiful and functional. It is made by one of the trusted manufacturers in the kitchen appliance business. The chrome metal is polished for a high-gloss shiny finish that looks beautiful in any kitchen setting. The kit comes with everything you need to get set up and there are lots of resources available to help you with the process.

The best feature of this product, besides the beautiful appearance, is the functionality of the pulldown spray nozzle. It has multiple settings for convenient use. You will love the pause feature that allows you to pause the water, save your preferred temperature and flow, and even save water.

The nozzle is super responsive to motion so you can easily maneuver it too hard to reach spots and when not in use to sits flush with the faucet, never hanging or drooping. The lifetime guarantee protects against parts defects, leaks, and other damage. You can rest assured that when you purchase this faucet, it will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance needed.

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