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Lisa Ward is the owner and main author of Sink and Faucet. She has a degree in marketing and a passion for home design and architecture. When she is not working, you might find her doing home improvements at her own house, reading, or flipping through home design magazines at her favorite coffee house.

Lisa Ward

Kitchen and bath renovations are never easy. On top of the actual work involved, you also have a lot of planning that must go into the remodels. Not only do you need to pick out the new design, walls, and flooring, you also have to decide on the actual fixtures.

Bath and kitchen fixtures speak volumes about your taste and what you love. There’s a huge difference between the dark shimmering warmth of a classic oil rubbed bronze faucet and the clean lines of a stainless steel modern tap. And not only do you have to pick out a décor theme, you also have to shop for the fixtures and sinks as well. Navigating your way through all of the features and data can be mind boggling at times.

Sink and Faucet Guides

That’s why we created SinkandFaucet.net. We understand how frustrating it can be to find the perfect fixture that fits in with your home and your lifestyle. We also know that once you make a purchase, that fixture is with you for a long time, so it’s important to get it right the first time. Because while you can change your mind, you have to consider the added expense of removal and reinstalling the new items.

We at SinkandFaucet.net strive to bring you the most current information on bathroom and kitchen fixtures. With unbiased reviews on the top manufacturers as well as in depth buying guides for some of the most pressing needs you need to think about. Our writers do deep dives into what makes some manufacturers different from others and what makes this faucet better for someone than another.

We don’t stop there, of course. We also know that there are other features you might be concerned about. Whether it’s what the best garbage disposal is, or the difference between a batch feed and a continuous disposal is, and how that affects you; this is information that you should know. Additionally, we talk about one of the most common problems you will face, a dreaded leaky faucet.

Our walk through of how to troubleshoot a leaky faucet and repair it quickly will have you bookmarking it and coming back to it whenever you need to help a friend. We also offer a short guide on how to install your own kitchen sink. While not all kitchen sinks should be self-installed, we offer a guide for how to make sure you aren’t in over your head before you try.

Our goal at this website is to make sure that you have the information necessary to make an informed purchase decision about your next fixture. We make sure you have the skinny on the best faucets that are offered from the best manufacturers like Moen, Delta, Waterstone, or Danze. We also go into what makes each manufacturer unique from its competitors. We aren’t affiliated with any company or buying site, so we don’t have an agenda to bring to you. We offer the information you need, simply and accurately.

As always, if you have any suggestions for us, or would like to give us feedback, our email inbox is always open. We love to hear from you and buyers like you about how we have helped you in your renovations or builds. And if there’s something you don’t feel is accurate, please let us know that too. Our goal is to be 100 percent accurate in all of our information, and anything that may be wrong doesn’t just do you a disservice, it also affects those who come after you. So please, reach out and let us know.

Once again, thank you for using sinkandfaucet.net to help you with all of your buying questions and decisions.

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