6 Timeless Kitchen Trends That Will Last

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by Lisa Ward

Updated on: 03/02/2021

With all the shows out there, everyone has renovation fever. If you’re in the market to update your kitchen don’t go too overboard with super trendy upgrades. You’ll regret them in no time and you’ll be in reno mode and without a kitchen again.

beauty of a white kitchen

Here are six timeless kitchen trends that will last:

White on white color palette. From your cupboards to your countertops and backsplash. White not only looks chic and clean, it’s easy to spot anything that needs to be cleaned up. The best part? There’s often leftover supplies available at your local retailer from designer builds. The beauty of a white kitchen is the light it bounces and the ease of accessorizing, keeping your future updates on the cheap.

Quartz all day Quartz all day. With so many color ways you’re bound to find a quartz counter that matches your style. Classy, elegant, and cool to the touch, quartz is an option that’s not as high maintenance as granite and won’t break your bank. Nowadays there’s even man-made quartz which comes in so many colors you could even make a child happy. Pink, no problem… well sort of.

Rope lighting here to stay Rope lighting here to stay. Gone on the days of flickering and oddly noisy fluorescent tube lighting for under your upper cabinets. With companies like Ikea stepping in, strip lighting is now coming in the form of LEDs (that can even change color) and they’re super affordable. Meaning you can install it during or after your reno. Heck, you can even install strip lighting in a dark kitchen to breath new life into the space without much effort. Inside of a weekend yourkitchen will be brighter in no time. Buh-bye dark corner, hello cute accessory.

Faucets that are touch activated Faucets that are touch activated. We’ve all been there, greasy hands or meaty mitts, regardless, no one wants you to touch anything, let alone one of the most used things in your kitchen. Save yourself a lot of hassle and install a touch activated faucet. You can use an elbow, or your nose, to set these off which makes cleaning yourself up much less of a mess. With a wide variety of finishes on the market, you don’t have to do a complete renovation to feel the joy that this will bring your household.

Single-level multi-use kitchen islands Single-level multi-use kitchen islands. From eating breakfast with your kids, to preparing a big turkey dinner. Walling off your family and friends is gone and big, central islands are here to stay. With everything from your sink to refuse bins, islands have become so much more than just extra prep space.

Accessible design Accessible design. More often than not we’re growing old in our homes and thinking of your future or your parents’ future quite frankly is a big decision many people are facing. Planning ahead and installing counter height wall ovens and keeping pathways wide will go a long way to making your home fit for whatever the future holds. Accessible design can even be side opening ovens or drawer style microwaves, technology has really come a long way.

Design is always changing, it’s so hard to keep up. These kitchen trends are classic and timeless, they will last you and your family a lifetime.

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